Monday, November 28, 2011

No foolin'

I saw these tights on pinterest this morning and decided to whip some up for Sam before Jack gets off the bus.

I had a pair of socks I bought on clearance I was going to make baby legs from so I just used those.
She wasn't foolin' when she said these take 5 minutes - start to finish.

Sammi, aka the baby who never stops moving, is rockin' them old school style with a denim jumper.

Sweet! I love dressing a girl. So many options. :)

P.S. My sewing machine has a stretchy zig zag stitch, I used that instead of a regular zig zag. I have a serger, but in general I cannot be bothered to get it out and use it.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I have a serger too(hand me down from a neighbor) but I have never used it, glad to hear they whipped up easily on the sewing machine. I'm going to make some for a friend who is expecting.

  2. Those are amazingly brilliant!

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    They came out so cute! I'm loving the argyle.

  4. That is AWESOME. Our next house WILL have enough space for me to leave the sewing machine out at all times.


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