Thursday, November 17, 2011

You'll shoot your eye out

Jack had early release from school today (that is all the rage around these parts, they are letting these kids out of school at least one day a month now for staff development), so I decided to take the kids to the "dead animal zoo", aka Bass Pro.

Directv made me do it. Did you know that right now they have an entire channel dedicated to the Santa stuff at Bass Pro? LOL

Anyway. Late one night I spotted said channel and when I saw that they had GUNS GUNS for the kids I knew Jack would love it.

You see, Jack is obsessed with guns. His favorite tv show? Top Shot. (Featuring the oh so hot Colby from Survivor fame. Ahem.)

Me? So NOT obsessed with guns. How did a pacifist like me get a gun loving child?

I am trying not to make a big deal of it. My dad is a hunter and card toting NRA man, so I am just going with it.

So off to the dead animal zoo we went.

And you know what? It was fun. Awesome for little boys actually. (And blissfully not crowded at 2 in the afternoon on a Thursday.)
There were trains to drive.

And slot cars to race. (I actually won once.) And RC cars too.
Bows and arrows to try out.
And Red Ryder BB guns to shoot. (Not really, it was an arcade game type thing. And actually Jack loved the bow and arrow a lot more than this.)
There were pretty babies to admire while they lounged in your lap watching the action.
And photo ops that seemed to be going okay...
until you are suddenly convinced that JACK IS GOING TO DROP THE BABY! (Which he wasn't).
And then the baby decides that there are plenty of interesting things she could be eating while we are just sitting here.

And it was all FREE.

I am totally not being paid to say this, but if you have little boys and a bass pro, you should really go shoot your eye out* for the holidays. :-)

But go on a week DAY. The elves** told me that place is insane at night.

* Everyone knows that movie, right?

**Peter the elf was awesome with Jack. He played with him while I was doing some baby juggling at a lot of the stations.

/Bass Pro should feel free to send me my paycheck now!


  1. Glad you ALL had fun. It sounds like a well-deserved day of fun.

  2. We go to Bass Pro to see Santa around these parts. It's an awesome setting and the Santa is pretty great. Plus it's FREE! You get a 4x6 picture for free!! Last year, they took one of each kid with Santa plus one of all three together and it was all FREE! They have certainly sold me :)

  3. Good for you! So many moms think they can distract little (and big) boys from loving guns. You handle it in stride and don't make a big deal of it. They will fall in love with bikes and cars and girls soon enough! LOL
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  4. We are up to two days a month of early release here in KC! Just the most ridiculous excuse for academics. My kids have such trouble trying to stay on schedule while the staff is busy trying to shake things up. On the other hand Bass Pro is a favorite for our middle child...even stating that he would like to work there. They are wonderful with the kids. Going above and beyond to tie flies with them and all....nice job Jack, holding on to Cheeks...smiles...Renee

  5. My mom just sent me a link to your blog... She said I should know about the bass pro-shop stuff for my boys! Thanks for the heads up! Oh and you have adorable kiddos!!! Off to read more on your blog!

  6. There is a huge Bass Pro shop along the highway that we pass by at about the halfway point on our 10 hour drive to see my in-laws. My husband can not drive past when it's open. I know full well how entertaining it can be to boys of all ages.
    Thank goodness it now has a Starbucks in it for me.

  7. That picture of Sammi looks like one of those old fashioned china dolls --the non-creepy kind. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have pointy scary old teeth!


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