Friday, December 02, 2011

About Cheeks

Well. This week doesn't get any less shitty as it goes on.

I did speak to the kids ped today and he said he thinks what I thought - that Sammi has a resistant bacterial infection and that she has had the same infection since around Jack's birthday. (And this is NOT a case of one infection after another, like that lady yesterday tried to insist.)

So. She is on zithromax for 5 days, with another ear recheck in 11 days.

If it is still there there is only one antibiotic left to try before we are rushed off to the ENT for tubes.

I say rushed because he mentioned what has been bugging me the most - that at this point her eardrum has been unable to function for more than a month and after 6 weeks we are looking at damage to the eardrum/hearing loss territory.

And of course, all of this is happening at a crucial point in her speech development.


To say that I am freaking out is an understatement.

I have a lot of personal baggage surrounding Jack's infancy when he was in pain non stop for 6 months (and the doctor we had then ignored me). It would definitely be better for all of us (ahem - my anxiety) if this would just go away already.

Anyway. There we are.

Let's all cross our fingers and hope that the z-pack is what kills that bacteria for good, okay?


  1. crossing my fingers....also sending hugs to that sweet little girl and her mother.

  2. :( SO sorry. Hope things turn around asap.

  3. I am hoping for the best there. But honestly, the tubes weren't that bad. Frankie was 9 months old and while anytime they're under anesthesia is bad, it was mere minutes, like they took her and and brought her back in about 15. HONESTLY. The hardest part was no food before surgery. So like I said, hope the meds do the trick but it's not the worst thing ever.
    I hope that doesn't sound cold and uncaring. Honestly it was stressful but she'd been sick on and off for so long it was really like a relief. xo

  4. keeping my fingers and toes crossed... we're looking at tubed for my grandson since he has hearing loss due to repeated ear infections. At least the cochlea is functioning properly!

  5. Lots of prayers for you all. Please keep us updated. I had the same issues growing up but had dramatic growth and drainage issues. Tubes in my ears years ago did help. They really can turn these around now. I am sure the z pack will help. Blessings...Renee

  6. My youngest daughter (7) just had tubes put in her ears right before school started. She never had a "run" of ear infections--ever. And the girl talks non stop. MIL was the one who suggested getting her hearing checked because of a few little things she noticed (DH has bad hearing). Long story short, the ENT guy was shocked at how well she could hear because her ears were *that* bad! And she still talks non stop.

    Try not to worry...I'm sure everything will turn out alright in the end! Keeping you all in my thoughts

  7. gosh, that is NOT good. i'm so sorry you've had such a rough road lately! crossing my fingers for the Z to work!

  8. the same thing happened with my twins. they had the same ear infection from september (when they started preschool) to february, when they got tubes. ben had just started law school, so i had to take off of work and stay home with them so much that year, that i owed the school money at the end of the year! i hope she gets better soon.

  9. Oh I'm sorry Sarah! I have to say that I'm a big advocate for tubes - I had them when I was a kid. My ear infections went from 6-8/winter down to one at most, with years with nar an infection in sight. You guys are in my thoughts. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon.


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