Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Acorn toadstool ornaments

If you are drinking the pinterest kool aid you know that I pinned these acorns this week.

And then I had Dave go carve out some acorns for me immediately so I could make ornaments.
I used a bit of real moss and some spun cotton German mushrooms instead of needle felted ones.
And I started with these plastic, sparkly acorns I plucked off a Goodwill garland at some point in the fall.
I even tied one on a gift for my BFF, which I think turned out SUPER cute with the big red dotty ribbon.

I have about 100 more acorns.

If I only I had about 100 more mushrooms...


  1. SQUEAL! I updated my blog with my toadstool, putz houses and gnome ornament collection today. I even made an acorn toadstool ornament. It's completely different than your version and I can't wait to try your's too. Great minds think alike!

  2. I saw these on Pinterest too, but didn't think of making BIG ones. I just packed away several HUGE acorns in my Fall stuff. They are about as big as a golf ball. Hmmmmm.....I may need to go digging.

  3. Pinterest koolade?! You are so funny!
    Love the acorns and toadstools...guess I need to spend more time at Pinterest!
    Thanks for sharing!


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