Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth*?Jack had a big day at school today.

He got to go to the second grade for math. (After much, much, much complaining my part).

He lost a tooth AND he actually told the teacher he lost a tooth and went to the nurse! For Jack this is nothing short of a miracle. (He would rather die than tell the people at school that he has a problem.)

I am SO proud of him.
He brought him this art last week and I love it. A photo doesn't really show how much glitter he put it on for snow and that the moon and the stars are metallic!

Best first grade art ever.
The owl is a close second though...
He has been asking for a desk (and a queen sized bed) in his room since this summer. After I spent forever searching for a desk that I liked, I finally had the brilliant idea to just put some legs on an old enamel table top I bought at a garage sale many years for $3.

(He needs a less babyish lamp, but I will have to thrift one and that takes a little while. Oh yea, and a desk chair that won't ruin my hardwood floors too.)

I think it turned out super cute.

*This is where I confess that I nearly cried when the first front tooth came out last week. It changed his speech, and his appearance, and suddenly there was no denying that he is not a baby anymore. I was a little bit shocked by my reaction actually.

**Sammi has also had a big day. That poor baby is MISERABLE. She has spent three days laying her head on us and asking to be held because of this ear drama. I took her to a chiropractor today to see about craniosacral therapy. It was an interesting visit. I purposefully withheld most information from them (I don't know, it seems like voodoo to me), but the doctor still immediately started asking if Sammi had any problems during her birth. She says she has a lot of tightness in one side of her neck and some swollen lymph nodes on her head(which Dave and I noticed a long time ago) that *might* very well indicate her neck is interfering her ears ability to function properly. (She did say there are a million other things that could also be going on, and it might not work at all.)

NOW, the interesting part of this is that Sammi did indeed have a bit of birth drama. She tried to descend sideways in the birth canal and there was suddenly a lot of rushing and pushing and many hands up in there trying to turn her so she could come out. It never occurred to me when she was smaller, but she DID have tightness in her neck that caused her to favor her right side. Which made her have that flat head problem.

I am pretty sure that something is interfering with her ability to walk (equilibrium? this unbalanced thing? who knows) because she has been cruising for a long time now but she is very, very hesitant to walk, even if you hold her hands.

So, I am going to take her to the chiro for a few weeks to see if it helps the ear before we go for surgery. This last antibiotic is CLEARLY not doing a damn thing either.

As long as they don't expect me to pay a gazillion dollars for it, that is.

Anyway, I know I have not answered a few questions here, but I am at the doctor. A lot. Every day. I will answer you, soon. :-)


  1. Good luck with the Chiro. I have seen one off and on for many years and there is no limit to what she has been able to help me with. She has all but cured me of carpel tunnel and adjusted my jaws even. I certainly think it's worth a try. Also happy that Jack is getting to go to second for math. So great that the school was willing to work with you even if it took some effort.

  2. Great artwork Jack. I love each detail. We have a program here that accelerates those that need it into another level of academics if needed. Just what you needed Jack..way to go. Poor Cheeks...whatever it takes. Kudos for not giving up. Lots of hugs. Keep us posted...smiles...Renee

  3. Sammi, Get well!!! And way to go, Jack!!! Fantastic artwork! Let's get him in 5th grade art classes--and maybe a private art teacher--his work is beautiful!! You may have a little artist in your hands..

  4. Oh--I'm using Jack's winter scene as my computer desktop background!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Jack's artwork is just lovely. I love what you did with the enamel table in creating a desk. Brilliant idea. Hoping that Cheeks is getting some relief with the chiropractor.

  6. I've taken both my kiddos to the chiro since they were just days old. I go once a week myself. I know it can seem a little wacky to some people, but I totally believe it is helpful and that my kids have been healthier because of it. I just think there is a lot more to 'alternative' medicine therapies (ie chiro, acupuncture, etc) than we give credit to because our society is so set on just throwing medication at any sign of a problem. Because clearly, as you have seen with Sammi's poor ears, that doesn't always work. Hope this helps her feel better!


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