Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Conversations with Jack

"Dave, I have some lunch ready for you."
"Mom, that was really sweet. You don't usually sound so sweet."
"Are you saying I usually sound like a mean old ogre Jack?"
"Well, what do I usually sound like?"
I make an ogre voice.
"No, you are not an ogre you are my beloved mother."


Even Dave has noticed that Jack's behavior over Christmas break is markedly different.

Gone is the child who is screaming and rolling on the floor and being uncooperative and rigid and freaking out a lot. I haven't had to hear him cry once and there is has been no sobbing and "I need more recess."

I really, really wish I could figure out just where the hiccup in his giddyup is at at school.

I read an article yesterday about "middle childhood", age 7 to 10, and it mentioned that this is a child's greatest period of growth. They are no longer frustrated toddlers and are not yet mired in the hormonal turbulence of adolescence. Reportedly this is when they "learn what it means to be human."

Interesting food for thought.

I will be back tomorrow FREAKING out about Sam's surgery. Sigh.


  1. After Sammi's surgery, find someone to babysit and go spend the day at Jack's school. They cannot forbid you from observing...maybe you can see what the hiccup is.
    You can tell jack that you want to see what school is like "nowadays". Just don't let him know it's his behavior that has you there.

  2. I agree with Bettina, and I am a teacher. There is something going on....time for a day long visit. You may not figure it out right away, but it will open up dialogue with Jack.

  3. I agree with Bettina and Tina-Marie. Plus, I think Jack would like that you visited. Most kids really like it when their parents visit.

    Thinking about you today and looking forward to a report on the surgery.


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