Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crepe Paper Streamer Birthday Wreath

Sammi will be having a very "pinterest" party this year. I went through and pinned everything that caught my eye and I am busy making a bunch of them.

I pinned this first birthday wreath , and spent hours trying to track down the source with no luck. (Irritating!)

Since we are having a pink party I searched high and low for the perfect pink cupcake wrappers to make one with. After about 6 stores I gave up on the idea.

And then I had a little lightbulb moment - crepe paper streamers.
Cut them into squares.
Then do the crepe paper twist with a pencil and stick them on a cardboard number. (I used Aleene's craft glue.)
*This is my most pinned post and people seem confused about the twisting of the paper. This blog has a photo of what I mean. I learned how to do this from Childcraft Make and Do, which I have had since I was a child.  If you haven't already thrifted the childcraft set, it's worth doing so!  When I was teaching in daycare I think we made every single craft in Make and Do!
It turned out cute!

The perfect pink entrance to our pink party.

Where we will be eating milk and cookies. :-)

Now I have to go find something else to distract myself with. I am really upset about this surgery thing with Sam tomorrow. And to make it worse we have to be there at 5 45 am and she can't eat after midnight tonight.

And she doesn't sleep through the night! If she wakes up at 2 am for milk it's going to be a very long worrying night for me.



  1. wake her up before midnight and give her milk... she should sleep through the rest of the night.

  2. Ear tube surgery is very fast. She should be herself pretty quick after it is over. I had no idea that it was "surgery" in the actual hospital in an actual surgical room until we got there for my son's. My Mom had it done in the office, so I asummed it was easy peasy. In the end, it was easy and fast and the best part - NO MORE EAR ACHES. Yea! My son was old enough to understand no eating, so he ate a bowl of cereal before bed and he insisted the next morning he wasn't hungry since he had already eaten breakfast.

  3. Maybe you can load her up earlier in the night? Ugg, good luck. I would be nervous too. So hard to see Cheeks upset. :( Hopefully this will be the end of an impossibly long road. The one is super cute.

  4. Super cute...lots of hugs and a nice long nap! Smiles...Renee

  5. Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you guys!

  6. Darling wreath. Genius actually. I promise the tube procedure is fast. Seriously fast. I remember barely opening up my magazine and having the doctor back in the waiting room telling me it was all over with. Thinking of you ALL!

  7. Thinking of you! Get well, Cheeks!

  8. Awesome #1 - so cute!


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