Monday, December 12, 2011

Fa la la la

Part of my motivation to get all the Christmas stuff done well in advance was to have time to craft. (Although that turned out to be a joke. I did have it all done well in advance but other stuff is seriously inhibiting my time to craft anyway.)

I made a big list of books to get from the library to browse, and Fa la la la Felt was one I checked out.

I LOVED everything that Cathy made for the book.

Yesterday I spent some time making the ornaments she made for the book.
The gray one is a gift for someone else, so I made it in the colors that Cathy suggests in the book.
This one is all for me, so I made her in pretty pastels.
And this one too.
They are SUPER cute and easy to make too. I plan on doing this one in pastels for us too.

Instead of doing french knot snowflakes I used a decorative stitch on my machine to make the snowflakes.

Now if only Joann actually carried some wool felt in pastels. Must resort to internet order I suppose.

Back tomorrow with another ornament I made.

P.S. Took Sammi to the ped again today. She still has ear infections, so we are onto the last antibiotic we can try to treat them "medically". (It was mega expensive too.) Back for recheck in two weeks, then referred for surgery. She also will have to have a blood draw for a RAST test to see if she is having an allergy issue. I am gutted about all of this torture to my poor baby. Even the ear checks are bad because she has weird ear wax which has to be scraped out so they can see the eardrums. This results in MUCH crying and takes forever. Ugh.


  1. Poor babe - I have heard of an over the counter wax remover that comes in drop form. Maybe that will help with the build-up so that the ear checks will be less painful...

  2. Your felt ornaments are simply adorable. I'm sorry cheeks is still struggling with ear infections. Tubes were finally the magic answer for my Emma when she was a baby. Keeping my fingers crossed that you have healthy kiddos for the holidays!

  3. Totally adorable ornaments.
    Poor cheeks.

  4. I can't find this kind of felt anywhere! Where do you get yours & what's it called?

  5. Oh Cheeks...big hugs and lots of gifts at Christmas for your torture. I order my felt from Joggles. They have great colors and ship fast. They offer 2 sizes as well. Best of luck...smiles...Renee

  6. oh, i've been jonesing to make these, too! maybe soon.

  7. Eeeeeek! Those are adorable Sarah!!!


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