Friday, December 16, 2011

Give me strength

I have been prepared to tell you about the busy box I made for Sam's crib for two days now.

I made one for Jack's crib with felt, which was cute, but not very long lasting with a toddler pulling on it.
So I made this one with some stiff interfacing and quilted it together. It's cute. And useful.

And then I was prepared to tell you that I took Jack to the nutcracker yesterday instead of sending him to school. They have been watching the nutcracker in music class with the sub (word on the elementary street is that a kid yelled BOO and gave Mrs. So and So a heart attack, LOL! kids) and he was quite interested.

So when the local ballet company put on a special show for schools and home schools yesterday, I told them we were home schoolers and off we went.

It was fun, and he liked it.

It helped that we ate lunch at our favorite Indian place afterwards too.

But then I came home to this. A sick cheeks and total chaos.

She has had a fever now for two days, our ped was out of the office yesterday, she didn't sleep more than 90 minutes at a time last night and me?


She has no other signs of a new virus - no congestion, no cough, no puke, and I can only imagine this ear problem has entered VERY BAD TERRITORY.

She doesn't seem to be responding the nuclear antibiotic (which we are on day 5 of) and all I do is go to the doctor.

For real.

And worse is that I know this ear crap is causing a bit of developmental backsliding. She was really cruising and now she will only crawl. I can only imagine her equilibrium is totally screwed up at this point.

So. We are off to the doctor.


And I need the Good Lord to give me enough strength to deal with this non stop insanity. I really need my cheeky monkey to be well again.

'Cause this is 9 kinds of foolishness right here.


  1. I know not everyone believes in them but when my kids got ear infections that antibiotics wouldn't touch, going to the chiropractor was our cure. Still is for the whole family. Look for a Dr. that went to the Pa*lmer school. That is the adjustment technique we like best. At this point it can't hurt because the next thing the doc says is going to be tubes.

  2. Sarah,
    Is there an ent who is great with kids in your area? He/she may be able to find the right med, etc. Mine, who is great with kids, found out that I had mold in my sinuses. I know, yuck! Sending positive thoghts!

  3. James had his first set of ear tubes when he was a year old. At his one year check up, he had a 46% hearing loss due to ear infections. With the tubes, his hearing recovered. He has had two more sets of tubes since then. They really have saved his hearing.

  4. Big cyber hug to you, Sarah--and Cheeks. . .

  5. Geez, even though she's sick, she's SO cute, poor little sweetie! I've just been reading all of your posts that I missed.I hope Sammi gets to feeling better real soon. Oh, and your hankie quilt is beyond gorgeous!

  6. :( poor, poor baby. Hope you get some answers soon.


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