Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The glass ornaments

This year I only put up trees and decorated the mantle.

And honestly? It's okay. I am not sure I miss the other stuff this year.

Perhaps I have just been too busy too notice.

The tree topper collection is back on the mantle again. I love this display so much.
And those little flea market wooden figures make it even sweeter.
The big vintage tree is in the kitchen, far away from curious little fingers.
I didn't fill it as full as I usually do. I was sick of hanging up ornaments and gave up.
There are still loads of really good ones on there.

My favorite this year is this silver beaded ornaments with the little pink bell.

Ya'll. Jack and I are sick. Sammi CANNOT GET SICK. She cannot have her surgery if she gets sick. There are about 2,000 other reasons I don't want to wait until the new year for that surgery. Please don't let her get sick.

I am off to sanitize everything we own and pray for mercy.


  1. those sweet wooden characters. Lots of little prayers Miss Sammi stays well. Merry Christmas...Renee

  2. Fabulous pictures. I always look forward to your tree topper collection. Christmas hugs!

  3. That tree is so beautiful. Love it and all of your decorations.


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