Thursday, December 01, 2011

If you need it, Craig will bring it

WARNING: Curse filled ranting ahead.

After no less than 10 thrift stores (where seriously pathetic trees are priced at $35+), 3 weeks of browsing thousands of seriously over priced trees on Craigslist ($200 for your used tree with only 1/3 of the lights working? No thanks) and many, many retail store visits ($400! That's 4 months worth of electric in the winter), I found a tree.

And it is HUGE. When Dave came home with he said "I have the national Christmas tree in the truck, where do you want it?" And then he informed me that it would take TWO of us to carry it!

You see a 4 foot tall Jack in front of it here. We didn't even put in the last row of branches because it would have a wing span of more than 7 feet!

But it is awesome. And not janky. And it was $25. And made in the USA. And not pre-lit.

Score one for me.

Now I have to go buy at least 1,000 tiny twinkling lights for it.

But first I have other problems.

If you are on facebook you know that I have been moaning about Sam not sleeping and doing a lot of moaning herself right now. I have been up with her since 4 am for several nights and she is crying all day long.

Yesterday I spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS trying to get her to take a nap.

I know she is getting her second tooth, so I gave her a healthy dose of motrin.

Still no sleep.

And then I called "my other husband", aka best girlfriend, because my light bulb went off.

Sammi has been off the antibiotic since last Friday and I suddenly realized her ear problem was back. Again.

She has had an ear infection for 30 days now. 10 days of amoxicillin, 4 days off and it returned. 10 days of omnicef, 4 days off and it has returned.

Our regular ped is out of the office today so I (reluctantly) agreed to see the nurse practitioner.

It was obvious within 4.2 seconds that was a BAD BAD choice.

She starts off by snottily saying "her clothes look homemade." To which I replied "they aren't, they are from Target." (But so fucking what if they are?)

Then she looks in her ears and declares the ear infection and says she will call in Zithromax.

When I start to refuse and insist that this is NOT a new virus (no snot, no cough and Jack is okay) and say that we have a problem she replies, "well, does she sit in daycare?" To which I reply "NO SHE DOES NOT." (But again, so what if she does? Some mothers work.)

And then just as my fucking head is about to blow right off she says "well, wash her hands."

I took a deep breath, gathered our coats and (quietly) told the girl at the desk that I needed the DOCTOR to phone me ASAP.

Now. I will be the first person to admit I am rigid. I am like Jack. I like things to be "regular". I want to see the doctor I have been seeing with my children for nearly 7 years.


You know, we used to laugh about how belligerent my grandpa was with people. He would argue with doctors/companies/stores to the end of the earth. As a kid it was embarrassing as all get out.

But I get it now.

They force you to be this way.

They force you to hang up and call back again and again until you get someone with a brain.

That doctor who told me that Samantha was going to be another miscarriage and I was going to need a hysterectomy?

He was the turning point.

He turned me into a freight train and I swear I am only gathering steam.

If you are the school district or the doctors office and you are in the way of what is right for my kids, look out.

Because I am totally DONE listening to assholes.


  1. sounds like you need a hug!
    So sorry to hear about your trials. It doesn't help that you are tired, too. But stick to your guns. You know more than the stupid tried to get me to agree to knee replacement surgery. When I balked, he agreed to an MRI. I had a broken tibia! They can be so arrogant!
    Good luck to you!

  2. Hahaha - let 'er rip, baby! Great rant and I'm with you! I saw a Dr. in Oct. and when I returned with an infection for the second time they sent me to the PA - who actually said STUPID stuff. I would have been a better PA than she was. So anyway, I feel your pain. I hope Sammi is feeling better today. And awesome score on the tree.

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I was ready to let out a big cheer by the end of this post. Good for you for letting that Mama Bear come out to look after her cubs! Also, God forfriggingbid a kid should be wearing handmade clothes... It's obviously the sign of neglect if a parent took the time to MAKE THEIR CHILDREN CLOTHES. How did you resist asking how her children were coping with mommy going to work every day?
    I've been lurking here forever (like, since Jack was saying "what the shit?") but now you've got me all spun up!
    BTW, I loved the "national Christmas tree" story. I just posted about our megatree so I can relate!

  4. What's weird is I ask for the PA because I don't like our doctor. He kept calling our son a she even though I corrected him AND he was reading the chart. I could tell too that he wasn't even listening when I would answer his questions. Our PA is wonderful and always answers my questions. One think I have learnt about dealing with health issues is you are your own best advocate.

  5. You are so right!
    You and only you are the only advocate your children have.
    So you go Mama!

  6. Been there, wallowed there, came out of it, on the other side now much smarter for it. You are your childs best and only advocate You have the right to bite anyone in the way...on the other side you smile having done it...Renee

  7. OMG, what is with these NPs (sorry nurses, don't mean to rant on you, but dang, be a little less judgemental!)

    I had to see my peds NP once too (yes, only once) and she and I argued over whether I was making my two YOUNG sons obese by allowing them to drink whole milk. Both my sons are tall and below weight! Then, at that time I wasn't opting for chicken pox vac, she says, "Oh, you are one of those types...the types that kill other children because you don't vac your kids". I am not joking (later, state law mandated I get teh stupid vac, but that is another story).

    Ah, sorry to go into my own anger issues with assholes, but I feel your pain. I really hope you find someone who is kind and smart enough to help your baby girl!

  8. I love this post! I have had similar experiences with nurse practitioners. I had cancer this summer and some stupid NP made me cry at my doctor's office. I love that you are a freight train. You have to be!!


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