Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's never do that again, okay?

As I feared, Sammi started SCREAMING for milk at 2 35 am.

Almost 6 full hours before she was allowed to even have water again.

And I had stayed up until after 11 to feed her one last time.

At around 4 we put her in the swing and she went back to sleep.

Just in time to be woken up at 5 to go to the hospital (with parents who have now, literally, been up all night).

At the hospital everything was going splendidly* until their "15 minutes" became 25 minutes and then 35 minutes.

You might as well have put me in a straight jacket at that point. I asked be to taken to recovery to be with her, and I was ASSURED she would be right back any moment.

Uh huh.

So when I heard her screaming her little head off down the hall I rushed to her.

Only to meet MRS RUDE ASS who started demanding I go back in their room. Then she started hollering about checking my bracelet, even though every nurse in the hallway knew she was my baby (they had all been fawning over her all morning) and one even remarked that a mother knows her own baby's cry, even from a mile away when I was rushing to her.

No thanks, that's my baby and I will take her NOW DAMN IT.

(I think the hold up was that they were trying to get her to take a bottle. A strange bottle. Of cold apple juice. Had they bothered to get me as they promised I could have assured them that Sammi 1) will never take a bottle from a stranger 2) never uses anything but an Avent bottle, trust me I have tried, 3)Sammi drinks nothing cold and 4) Sammi wants nothing to do with juice or water.)

Then I had to be lectured on how there was NO WAY IN HADES SHE COULD HAVE MILK RIGHT NOW even though she was completely beside herself from anesthesia and starving to boot.

(And I knew there was NO WAY IN HADES WE WERE GOING HOME ANY TIME SOON if she didn't get milk, since she couldn't pass their "drink and don't puke for 30 minutes test" otherwise.)

So. 40 minutes of hysterical baby later, she finally drank some milk and passed out. (Honestly this part was H-A-R-D, no doubt about it. Sammi is an easily consoled baby. I am so not used to her crying like that. Jack? Yes. Sammi? NO WAY.)

And I was finally released from their hellish prison.

Now I would like to kindly ask the universe to PLEASE never, ever make me have to go through that again.

Can I cry now?

*Oh yea, their stupid hospital gown made her break out in a vicious rash after about 10 minutes or so. So she ended up going back in her own clothes.

** And did I mention that last night Jack had a rip roaring fit of his own? Which went on and on and on and I was already on edge. MAN! I am having a good time over here.

*** AND we still have 10 days of freaking antibiotics plus a week of antibiotic drops. The baby has been nuked to hell and back with those meds for 2 solid months now. I would like to be done with them now thanks.


  1. Poor all of you.
    We've had some less than stellar experiences at the hospital with Edie where the staff has been less than considerate of a worried mama. It took all of my willpower to not rip at least one of them a new one.
    At least it's over.

  2. What a night. At least it is behind you and hopefully Sammi will be on the mend. Hoping you all get some much needed rest tonight. ZZZZZZ

  3. that just sucks. thinking of you and hoping she gets some relief...and sleep!!

  4. Crossing my fingers and toes that you all will sleep well tonight and Sammi will heal and be better that ever.

  5. Gosh, I am so sorry that all of you went through this! I am sure Jack was stressed over all the tension. Sending ginormous hugs!

  6. Hoping you all feel better soon and that this is the beginning of better times ahead. Hope you can all get some sleep, too.

  7. I'm glad it's all over for you now, mama!

    My daughter (she's 9) has one-day surgery tomorrow so I'm freakin' out and I feel your pain.

  8. Let's just get this all out of the way before 2012. I am so sorry for all the pain and trouble. I feel your pain. Sleep well. Renee

  9. oh my gosh, i can't believe how much your story is like our story when we had our 2nd baby in for a minor surgery at about the same age. can i go back before he wakes up? sure (nope). is that my baby crying? (yup) he's already awake??? you've been trying to feed him juice from a bottle??!! he's NEVER taken a bottle, doesn't drink juice and he doesn't know you, of course he's freaking out!!! why tell me i can be back before he wakes up and then not let me? it took forever for him to chill enough to down some sprite (yikes) or something.
    i'm so sorry, but obviously, you'll still remember this clearly and bitterly in 8 years...

  10. I feel for you. Praying all will be better and you never ever have to do that again.
    Give cheeks a hug from us.

  11. Sigh. Keep us posted.


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