Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Making a crib rail guard from an old quilt

If I weren't trying to make a googleable title I would have called the post "how to slow down a shark." LOL

When I googled I saw a few different tutorials on making a crib rail guard. One used buttons (no good for Sammi the shark at all, choking hazard!) and one was similar to this idea.

Except Sammi has a patchwork theme in her room and I had some chunks of an old quilt I bought at the flea market that I thought were the perfect size for this.

Here is the piece I started with. Now, I feel compelled to say this (feel free to ignore me), but PLEASE DO NOT CUT UP GRANDMA'S QUILTS FOR THIS!

Someone had already ruined a quilt to make some kind of curtains (?) and the prints were so sweet I bought them anyway. (Generally I will NOT buy "repurposed quilt crafts*" as it only encourages people to cut up perfectly good quilts.)

Then I hemmed them so they were narrow and double thick.
My girlfriend mentioned that she saw something about a safe length for ties for babies that wouldn't be a strangulation hazard. She thought it was 4 inches. I could have googled that, but 4 inches is pretty short, so I felt pretty safe about it. (Any shorter and I wouldn't be able to tie them.) So, 4 inches pieces of bias tape it is.
Cut up 7 pairs for each side of the crib.
Sew them. I sewed over the ties 3 or 4 times. I do NOT want the shark to eat them.
Tie them on and voila! A cover for the edges that weren't manufactured with that plastic teething guard.

Sammi thought it was amusing.
I think it's pretty cute. But time will tell if she just shoves it aside to chew on that corner.
She did give it a chew to try it out already.

(They do make a sticky one you can buy to put it over it, but I am pretty sure it wouldn't last a week since it has to cover the very fat rounded corner of this crib.)

*This is obviously my own personal pet peeve. I don't think one hole makes a quilt a cutter. Or worn edges (people slept next to that edge!). Sometimes a quilt truly is unsalvageable and I can get behind that repurposing. But in general I think everyone is just a little too scissor happy. :-)


  1. Amen, sister! Other things not to destroy when they are perfectly or nearly perfectly good: tablecloths, aprons, Christmas ornaments, I'm probably going to stop here but I could go on for quite a while. Oh, and cute quilt guard to go with that extremely cute baby.

  2. Love it! Love the safety of it too. And agree about the cutting of quilts.

  3. I love it...Well done. Never have cut a quilt up. Always worry about cutting my linens. There must be at least severe damage to get me to cut. I really think you can hear the fabric scream if you listen carefully! Cheeks is gorgeous...smiles...Renee

  4. I am with you on the cutting, for the most part. The results look great!

  5. Little Sweet Cheeks looks happy as can be. I totally agree about cutting up quilts - that makes me Crazy! Great job to protect the quilt!

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