Sunday, December 18, 2011

Making for Christmas

For those of you wondering, Sam has an appt with the ENT on Monday. I had to call a lot of doctors to find one who would see her sooner than mid January, so hopefully this guy is going to fix her and soon.

In other news, I have been scrambling to make a few things.

Many moons ago I pinned several ideas for ornaments that Jack and I could make together. I like to have at least one ornament made by him every year and it seems his school this year is going to do NOTHING of the sort.

He chose these snowmen from Martha.

This morning we set about making them. (At first he was very excited "I haven't made a craft in a long time!". It quickly turned into chaos. Have you made anything with a seven year old boy lately? CHALLENGING.)

It was his idea to use the gathered ribbon as a skirt and make "a lady".
They are all pretty darn cute.
The present I ordered for my niece in October was cancelled by Target finally. So I had to scramble to find a new plan. I picked her up this Barbie vet dog thing secondhand and made a few extras to go with it.

A felt dog x-ray.
And some ribbon/velcro band-aids.
Yesterday we set about the yearly challenge of the gingerbread houses. (True confession - I hate these things. I even yelled out "I have an idea, let's pretend it's the 1970's and not do these stupid things".)
Jack still seems to enjoy it, even if I do wish I had NEVER, EVER started this "custom". Sigh.
I won't even tell you which one is mine. I might be "Crafty" but my gingerbread looks like shit*. LOL

(Dave's always looks pretty good though!)

*I have to cuss for Corey. He makes me do it. :P~~~


  1. We missed the big gingerbread house fascination by maybe a year - too close for comfort, but we managed to avoid it. You can't imagine how long I stared at that dog x-ray wondering what it was ... Cute snowmen, btw!

  2. We do a puzzle every Christmas break...easier cleanup. You really are supermom...smiles...Renee

  3. I am completely smitten with your snowball ornaments. They make an adorable blog banner. Ive been known to hot glue my gingerbread houses when the darn icing doesn't do the trick. I don't like doing them either. Best wishes with the doctor.

  4. Fingers crossed for Sweet Cheeks!! And you know that gingerbread house tradition will be the one Jack loves when he is older, lol!

  5. Love the snowmen and the new banner.


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