Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The national christmas tree

The village is up in the foyer, with lights this year! Thanks to Dave for putting in the one outlet we should have put in when we remodeled.
I *almost* have too many houses for the space.
Maybe Dave can make another layer for my stand?
And the "National Christmas tree" Dave picked up off craigslist for me is up too. This thing is seriously huge. It takes up most of the office. And even though I put 1200! lights on it, it could use more.
It holds our "sentimental ornaments" - the ones the kids make, the ones Dave and I made as kids, and the random vintage ornaments I love but don't belong my glass tree.

Back tomorrow with the crown jewel, the glass tree.

P.S. I have a day with only ONE phone call on the agenda. For real? Besides needing a nap (I had to get up with Sam at 4 am again. Blargh, please let those tubes make her sleep again), I might actually make stuff! WOoooooooooooohoooooooo.


  1. No..no..no..always enough room for more houses. Put them close together like tenements for heavens sake. Just a sweet holiday house. My husband nixed the old handmade childhood ornaments this year...scrooge. We wouldn't want to get in the way of his Hallmark tree. I guess that means I just need to buy a new tree? Merry Christmas...Renee

  2. I love your house collection. I have 2 more that I just scooped from our local mission thrift store just waiting for makeovers. I'm hoping to squeeze in a couple more in my village this year. One can never have enough houses!!

    Lovely tree, Sarah.


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