Monday, December 19, 2011

Pink trees, parks and scrap piles

I cleaned out my scrap bin today. It was taking over my sewing table and annoying me.

Digging in there was like opening a time capsule. A time line of "how I learned to sew". There were pieces from the bird purse , remnants of a flannel quilt, pieces of the patchwork lampshade and more.
The pink tree is the first tree I put up this year. I filled it with my collection of Martha Stewart ornies from KMart a few years back.
These wooden animals are my favorite! I desperately search for more of them on Ebay with no success.
Glass glitter stars, pink bottlebrush wreaths, velvet strawberries and more.

It's a fun tree. It was warm yesterday so we took the kids to the park. Sam is wearing her CUTE kitty hat courtesy of Rebecca. Thank you Rebecca!
They cut down a HUGE tree.
Kids have been carving their initials all over it.

And the grass was SHOCKINGLY green for late December.

With that we are off to the ENT. Wish us luck.


  1. Tree is beautiful. I remember those sweet ornies. It was a gorgeous weekend here too. We did one last yard cleanup. Lots of luck and hugs...Smiles...Renee

  2. My pink feather tree will be featured tomorrow on my blog. I'm completely smitten with your decorations. Beautiful pictures of the kiddos. We have unusually warm weather in West MI. The chances of a white Christmas are looking slim.


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