Tuesday, December 06, 2011



is our eighth wedding anniversary*. Happy Anniversary to the man who understands I am not "bossable" and loves me anyway. (I am clearly bitching about something in this photo, LOL)
it is snowing a little. I really wanted it to snow on our wedding day, but no luck.
there is a half frosted anniversary cake on the counter. When Jack realized it was our anniversary he said "mom, you should get yourself a cupcake for that. Hmm, maybe it's better to wait till Dave is home for the cupcakes though." So, I made a cake.
there is a wreath slung over my rocker on the porch. I was going to hang it up, but I decided I liked it just fine right there.

Sammi the Shark is eating her crib. Ingesting lacquered Chinese paint. Jack never once chewed on this crib.
I put a fabric band aid over it because I have no clue what to do about this. It's gross, it's horrible and it's probably poisoning her to death. Not to mention ruining my crib.

I am sure that one of you has experience with a shark baby and can offer some shark proofing insight though?
Sammi the shark is also not responding AT ALL to the zithromax. So she is complainy and whiny and in pain still.

(Have I mentioned she eats everything? Just after this photo she ate a big handful of the dirt in that pot she is happily digging in.)

And that's today at our house.

How about you?

*Jack quickly asked me "how long were you married before I was even a thought"? Then after some lightening calculations he answered "oh, three months before you were pregnant." It's a good thing he wasn't a baby under the wedding dress kid, or my secret would have been out already this morning! LOL


  1. Your poor crib! What you want is a teething guard - basically a bumper that wraps around the top bar. Then make sure she has some wood blocks - some babies like to teeth on wood (I would so take that over the little pebbles that come in off of shoes - that being what my 13 mo old teeths on!)

  2. Ditto on the teething guard. I have friends who have said that they work well. Some examples:

    And the eating dirt is good for kids (seriously - eating dirt is correlated with a strong immune system).

    Happy wedding anniversary by the way!

  3. Happy anniversary! We celebrate 9 years later this week - and yes, Ben was born three months later!! He hasn't done the math yet but I'm sure it's coming!! Lol!! (and we have a picture of me complaining to Jason about something just 15 minutes after our ceremony!!). Ha!

  4. Mine ate EVERYTHING. She's 9 and I still catch her eyeballing things to taste. She licked doorknobs until at least Kindergarten. Seriously gross.

    However, she rarely got sick. So I chalked it up to the fact that she tasted everything.

    Happy Anniversary.

  5. Happy Anny!
    Re: cheeks and her ears - does she like a pacifier? My pediatrician encouraged it during our son's recurrent ear infections. The chewing, sucking action "milks" the eustachion (sp?) tubes - hopefully moving that fluid on out.

  6. Anonymous12:21 PM

    As a grown adult who still gets frequent ear infections, I can second the chewing - I go through at least a pack of gum a day and it helps!
    As for the gnawing on things, well, you could try coating them with hot sauce. :)

  7. Where oh where did you find your tinsel wreath??? I've been EVERYWHERE trying to find some more! I added some vintage ornaments to mine and now everyone wants one!

    Hope Sam starts to feel better soon! You know my great-grandmother swore if you poured your own pee into your ear the infection would go away...and a lecture on the benefits of breast milk during Child Psych (by a woman wearing a t-shirt reading "I make milk, what's your superpower?") swears that putting mommy's milk in/on the affected area it will cure itself....


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