Monday, January 30, 2012

My dad rocks

A few years ago my dad moved about an hour north of here to a little town on the river. He lives in an awesome old house (built in the 1860's), and he recently bought the dry cleaner in town when they closed.

He plans on turning the building into a "man cave" for himself since there is no room for a garage at his house.

He let me come up there in the fall to see if there was anything I wanted to salvage out of the dry cleaner. I took a piece of fabric I used for Jack's birthday and an old laundry cart which is now Jack's hamper.

But when we were sitting outside the building I had the EPIPHANY of the century - the letters on top of the building!

Mine, all mine.

Dad thought I was nuts at first. That's okay, just ask him what he thinks of me painting all these "perfectly good brass" chandeliers.

And don't even get him started on the painted furniture.

He delivered the letters the other day.
They are AWESOME.

And big. 12 inches or more.

And heavy aluminum.
They used to spell CAMPBELL CLEANERS.
Now I am dreaming of what I want to spell. Any ideas?

And where to put them.

My dad rocks.

Even if he is a skeptic. :-)


  1. Very cool. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. You are so lucky he didn't realize he could spell MAN CAVE with those.

  3. Totally cool letters and what fun to buy and old building like that. Love that is was CAMPBELL cleaners - that was my maiden name!

  4. Ooh type in 'CAMBELLCLEANERS' into this scrabble word finder site and you'll get a brilliant list!

    EMBRACE, BELLE & CALM are perhaps preferable to ENEMA or CESAREAN but there's a great big list comes up so I'm sure you'll find some inspiration. Happy anagramming Mxx

  5. I'm not responsible for some of the funny results!

  6. love them! haha, cave! you lucked out, sarah. :)


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