Monday, January 23, 2012

Notebook paper baby quilt

Someone FABULOUS has had a beautiful baby girl and I finally finished a baby quilt for her.

Now, I have tried to take photos of this blasted thing 4 different times, and I suppose this is as good as it gets.
I saw the idea on pinterest - a quilt that looks like a piece of notebook paper.
And I knew I wanted to add their initials as "graffiti".
Then I fell in love with the perfect Denyse Schmidt fabric at Joann for the border.
It should have been an easy quilt.


But I tried to use my sewing machine quilting guide on my presser foot and all I ended up with were VERY crooked lines.

Which I had to rip out. Every last one of them.

Then I wised up and drew the lines on and did the sewing. MUCH better.

Except then I washed it before I put the binding on to make sure it looked okay without the lines drawn all over it. Which made the batting at the top edge completely rip apart. So I had to piece new batting in there. Dave suggested using white thread and just making more lines on that section, which works, but in the photos it sort of ruins the piece of paper effect. (Which is what you see in the photo above - a line of white stitching right above a line of blue. That's where the batting piecing had to begin.)

I also wish I had sewn on the holes before I put it together so you couldn't see them on the back.

Live and learn.

In other thrilling news - Cheeks has enough hair in her mullet for tiny pigtails.

I die.


  1. Are you dancing? tap tap tap.

    I saw that quilt on Pinterest and thought it was pretty sweet idea for just the right person. And, since I am guessing that I know that the recipient is a teacher - it is perfect.

    I seriously might have to drive up there and get my hands on that baby. She makes my ovaries hurt. :D


    Check out this news paper article from 1935. You could order what they called a Fruit of the loom Quilt cover $2.95 then add your own batting.

    Love your notebook paper quilt. So cute & a great project for kids I bet. I'll have to let my 10 year old give it a try on her next doll quilt.

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  4. Your quilt is very cute but I love the pigtales....I remember pulling my grandaughters hair everyday until I could make hers like that...She is 17 now...Where is my pigtale baby? Barbara


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