Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Saturday morning I got an email from overnight prints* with a code for free stuff, so I decided to quickly take a new photo of the kids together.
This was the best one I could get in the 10 minutes I had to do it in.
This was the runner up.
Then we had to rush off to the pinewood derby!

Jack is a tiger cub this year and Dave has been (spending a ridiculous amount of time and money) working as the den leader.
Our car only placed 9th (so much for the "dad is an eagle scout advantage!").

But the other tigers voted Jack's car "the coolest car", so he was pretty happy with his little trophy.

Jack has been home sick from school for two days with the most dreadful cough. I have him quarantined, but holy moses I hope none of the rest of us get that.

Back tomorrow with my contribution to the heart to heart swap this year - the boxes really started rolling in yesterday!

*I love postcards from overnight prints. They never pay me to say this, but it is worth signing up for their emails. Every year I get free postcards which I use as thank you notes. Cheaper postage and who doesn't want to see cute kids in their mail box? It was definitely time for a new card, Look how little Sammi is in last year's card! .

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  1. this is great actually, i was looking for a good/cheap place to do postcards for birthday cards this year.


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