Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterest fail

I pinned these pink cookies and thought I would give it a go for the milk and cookie party.

There were problems from the get go.

The directions are so, well, vague.

Beat until peaks form? How freaking long? What speed? Hi or low? 5 minutes or 20 minutes?

They sounded suspiciously like a meringue so I got out my trusty Joy of Cooking and was getting the very real notion that they were going to be a fail no matter what. The cookbook says you must have cream of tartar for the egg whites to work.
I made them anyway. They looked okay cooking.

And then they cooled.

And every single one developed a hole in them. Where it was obvious that the inside was filled with uncooked egg whites and the outside was fine.


I think I am very quickly finding that pinterest is great EYE CANDY but not much else. Bad links, bad tutorials, bad recipes (more than one recipe from there has been a total fail).


P.S. I knew before I posted yesterday that some of you would be at the park on your phone. I stand by what I said. When there are 75 children at a park you need to be paying attention. My children (who are not at ALL agressive) should be able to play too without being trampled by more agressive kids (who granted are just being kids). And I shouldn't have to mind other people's children to keep my children from constantly being stomped to death. Do I think you need to *direct* their play? No. Do I think you need to help them be mindful of others? YES. I wouldn't turn my kids loose in the zoo and I won't do so at the playground.

P.P.S. If we are in our OWN backyard I read magazines or play on the iPod while the children play. It's quiet so I can hear them, we have a large, secure privacy fence and I still keep Sammi at least in my line of vision. Jack obviously has a lot more freedom, but he is seven.

P.P.P.S. Perhaps I am neurotic but any damn fool could have taken a child and it would have been a long time before those texting parents noticed. The playground is HUGE, the parking lot is far away and it was crowded.

P.P.P.P.S. This is an epidemic issue in my opinion. I see kids IN THE THRIFT STORE toy aisle miles away from their parents doing whatever they please. When I asked the cashier about it she said it happens every.single.day. I swear there is something happening here where people feel like their kids are every one else's problem but their own. They do not mind them in the store, at the pool, at the bus stop (where they tear up other people's property), at the park, etc.

I believe, VERY STRONGLY, that you must be PRESENT. Nothing on the internet is more important than your children.



  1. Bravo! Wish more parents were watchful of their kids. Love your blog!

  2. My Granny once made me beat egg whites by hand, until stiff peaks form. That's know I know what they look like. To get them in my kitchenaid, I let it go on high speed for at least 5 minutes.

    Cream of tartar is considered a stablizer for egg whites. That may be why they weren't done in the middle, although honestly, that could be wrong. I'm not good with cookies. Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with pinterest. I have thus far avoided it, because I hear it's a time suck andd I really don't need another one of those.

    Rant away on the playtround business. There is a lot of room between helicopter parent and just being aware of your kid.

  3. Amen, to the playground/everywhere stuff. Drives me crazy.

    Also with pinterest, I think its all the repinning. No one actually follows the link or tests it out. Like you said, its eye candy. I do like it though for the bookmarking aspect. I just don't search it much.

  4. You have to be careful with Pinterest. I never "re-pin" without following the link myself and checking. I use it more to "bookmark" things I myself find online, which is really what it's intended for. I've had great success this way. I did have a recipe failure last week. A crockpot recipe that was popular and had many comments. For me, it was a bust, but that may just be me. Otherwise, I love Pinterest!

  5. ...And one more thing... If I have a recipe failure with a recipe I find online, I will usually comment on the recipe post so that others can be forewarned. I always read through comments when I'm trying to decide to make something to get an idea of how it is turning out for others. :)

  6. I guess I believe I can be *mindful* of my children and answer a text or check my email. Our parks are not crowded and my kids are never out of my peripheral vision. You could have the same rant about parents who are busy chatting away to their own friends... or knitting... or reading a book... or simply doesn't care. There is plenty of that around too. Using a specific devise in a certain setting doesn't make someone a "bad parent."

    I guess I'm touchy on this. We live in a 800 square foot condo with no yard so we spend A LOT of time at the playground. I don't think I could manage to spend as much time as my kids need to be healthy and active if I wasn't able to get somethings done and distract myself from the sheer monotony of it all.

    We are at some park or outdoor public space every day for several hours. All that time you are spending in your fenced backyard, I'm at the park.

  7. My daughter is a high school teacher and she complains that there are too many parents who "dump" their kids on the school... expecting school to "raise their kids" plus educate them!
    And if the kids don't do well... it's her fault ... not the kids and certainly not the parents!

  8. You go girl! Texting and playing on the phone is out of hand!! - I agree with everything that you have said.

  9. I so, so agree with you! It makes me crazy to see kids who are not with their parents. Being on a cell phone IS NOT WATCHING your kids. I teach high school, and I watch them pretty carefully when we leave the classroom. Teachers are so accountable for every little thing, yet parents are not? What is wrong with that! Thanks Sarah, totally on your side!

  10. 1 - re recipes - unless I'm really sure of the source (Epicurious, Martha Stewart, etc.) - I won't use them. Time and ingredients are too valuable, and I spent too many years editing recipes at a newspaper. People have no idea - none - how to write a proper recipe. Sometimes you can guess, but sometimes not.
    2 - My kids were toddlers during the pre-texting era, and it didn't matter - there were parents who didn't pay attention at all. Until your child is old enough to handle a situation on his/her own, you need to be attentive and available, period. People should do a stint as a cop or a reporter for a day if they want to see what can happen when parents aren't watching.
    Sorry for the length!

  11. I totally agree with you "playground rant". Parents DO NOT WATCH THEIR KIDS. Call me over protective, but if your kid hurts my kid, I will say something. And I watch my kid like a mama bear, come within 10 feet & I'm right there. There are sick people in this world, trust no one.

  12. yes, yes, yes, yes. Abso-f***ing-lutely. Well done you for pointing out the bleeding obvious. Shoot the parents I say. So there. Great blog btw. x


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