Monday, January 16, 2012

Sammi, Parks and annoyances

Sammi had new portraits taken last week.
I think *those places in the mall* get a bad rap.
Artsy photos are great.
But they are so darn expensive.
Besides, she is adorable! even in mall photos. :-)

It's 65 degrees again, so I took the kids to a new park.
I don't know how it is where you live, but around here "inclusive" playgrounds named after a specific child are all the rage.
My kids prefer to sit and cuddle apparently.

Or eat the food that other people have allowed their children to toss all around the super expensive playground.
(Which I do not understand. There are picnic tables. It's DANGEROUS to eat and run. Besides, aren't they playing and not eating? Frustrating when you have a baby who is like a stealth missile for half chewed gummy bears and pieces of cheese popcorn on the dirty ground.)

While I am complaining - if this is you, please stop that. You are at the playground! GET OFF YOUR PHONES FOR A MINUTE! I swear you will not die. (More than 50% of the parents there just sit and talk/text while their children do whatever.)

Whew. I feel better now. How about you?

Want to complain about those people throwing cigarette butts all over the playground?

Worse than food eaters and the texters.


  1. Thank you.

    We live across the street from one of the most popular parks in the area. I applaud your little rant.

    And I would like to add, just because I live across the street doesn't mean my house is a public restroom. (Yes, people knock and ask.). And no, my yard is neither an extension of the park for your children to frolic nor is it a place for your garbage.

  2. Hi Sarah! I'm a silent follower and love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that I was at my local (Hilton Head, SC) Homegoods over the weekend and they have both "baby legs" and "robeez"! I immediately thought of you and Sammi! I'm not sure if you have a Homegoods or if they have them in stock there, but if you'd like, I'd be happy to pick some up and send them to you! Keep up the great work!

  3. Your Sammy is such a doll in those pictures! Of course, Jack is adorable, but those cheeks on Sammy make me smile every time I see them. You are such a lucky Momma!
    Please hug them both for me....miss my little ones (they are now 26 and 29!).

  4. *shrug* I'm park text-er/phone surfer. The park we go to in fenced and I sit where I have a good view of where my kids are. They don't need me to follow them around anymore. They are capable of climbing ladders and digging in the sand without constant scrutiny or even benign adult interaction. The last time we were at the park there was a mom there that all but took the shovel out of her kid's hand because he wasn't building his sand castle to her standards. Seriously, that woman seemed like she could have used a good distraction so she would have left that kid to dig his hole in peace.

  5. Whoa Sammy looked really adorable and uber cute. The playground looked really nice too.
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  6. That second photo is just the best! So incredibly sweet. Enjoy


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