Sunday, January 15, 2012

A very pink party

Picture overload time!

Blogger loads pictures in whatever order it wants right now, and I am way too lazy to reorganize 25 photos, so there is no logical order her. It's my party and I'll blog how I want to. :-)

Pink milk in doily wrapped bottles;
Pictures with everyone in front of the photo wall for the guest book;
Naked cake eating;
New! toys! rock!;
Happy birthday message stenciled on doilies;
Vintage pink honeycomb on jadeite;
Luv you bunting in chalk;
Pink dottie paper straws;
Presents wrapped with love by a brother (and a silver baby rattle, thank you goodwill!);
Pink meringue;
Pink animal crackers;
Pink chocolate vanilla wafers;
Vintage honeycomb from the ceilings;
Pink tulle on the chairs;
A very pink cake (I hate making cakes, but it looked pretty at least) on more jadeite;
The cookie bar;
More pink animal crackers (these are deadly good);
Oreos with pink filling!;
Pink wafers (the kids favorite by far);
Balloons on the high chair;
Martha doily bunting on the doors;
The guest book (I had everyone write her a message next a blank page, I can paste the pictures I took of everyone holding Sammi next to their message for her forever box);
The cake topper (which I didn't dare put on that cake that took me forever);
Doilies on the cabinets.

Dave asked at one point if this was an exercise in death by doily. LOL

It means so much to me to have had people here to celebrate Sammi with me. She truly is my miracle baby and her birthday was about so much more than just turning one to me. A big huge thank you to everyone for coming.

*I really, really thought I was making an *easy* party. Not a lot of stuff to buy (I have pink everything already because I love pink), no activities to plan, etc. But smokes! every party is a LOT of darn work. :-)


  1. Great pictures-Sammy looks happy and excited by the frosting! Thanks for letting us share I. The fun!

  2. Sarah, it was beautiful! I love the doilies on the bottles with the pink milk & straws--SO cute! Your cake looked delicious, and anything looks wonderful on vintage Jadeite. :) You did a wonderful job--every detail was perfect!

  3. I like to eat cake naked too. KIDDING. The party looks like a special day for that sweet girl.

    So, how did you make pink Oreos?

  4. Love the pink and the doily theme. Naked cake eating is the only way to go at that age. (but not at mine!)

  5. Super pink party. Love your touches. She is just pretty in pink...smiles...Renee

  6. Love the cake! Happy birthday to Sammi!

  7. Love all the pink wonderful job on everything!

  8. Such fun decorations. Love all the little touches. It's pink-a- licious. Birthday blessings to your sweetie.


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