Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wait a minute Mr Milkman

I finally broke down and signed up for milk delivery.

I have wanted to do it for a long time, but Jack is not a big milk drinker.

Sammi is.

And I was getting tired of driving up the highway every 3 days to buy milk for her.

So now the milk man brings it to me every Wednesday.
I put this fancy cooler on the porch...

and he fills with it glass bottles of milk.

I feel so retro or something.


*The milk itself is about twice the price of conventional milk, but is comparable to the price of organic. My kids do not like organic milk at all because it is ultra pasteurized. I like that Oberweis comes in glass not plastic (for so many reasons!) and their farmers are committed to being growth hormone free.


  1. Love it. We are a two kinds of milk couple. I like skim. DH is a whole milk kind of guy. Oh sure, I could meet in the middle with 2%, but he won't budge. He calls whole milk his cigarettes. The problem is that we have a smaller than normal apartment sized fridge. So I end up spending more to get the smaller containers. A new fridge is definitely on my wishlist once Marilee is drinking milk.

  2. Kansas City has Shatto Milk.... when my grand daughter was in preschool we went on a field trip to see the dairy. All the kids got to try milking a cow ( I think they made the cow wait a long time ... she was dripping and really easy to milk!) Luckily we can buy Shatto milk at the grocery store and it too comes in returnable glass... and they also have chocolate, strawberry, root beer and banana milk!

  3. Just wait until Jack does what my son did years ago from the delivery milk man, he order 7 qts of expensive egg nog, when I was in the bathroom.

  4. i wish we still lived in stl! i would order oberweiss, too! but i bet i'd need 2 coolers, as much milk as we drink!

  5. i hardly drink milk, but maybe i would drink it more often if it arrived in such a manner and came from happy cows!
    we are a 2% and almond milk family.

  6. I have incredibly fond memories of the milkman delivering milk right to our front porch when I was a kid ... seriously, it seems like a miracle now. I'd sign up for this in a nanosecond if we had it out here.
    Enjoy, kiddo - I'm jealous!

  7. Oberweis is very popular here, since it's based outside of Chicago. They have the best ice cream! Only problem is Mr. Oberweis' politics. He ran for office and is very conservative and anti-immigrant.

  8. That was one of my favorite things about visiting Illinois! Going to the grocery store for milk in a glass jug. I wish we had that here!


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