Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Walton quilt is finally MINE!

It's winter.

It's cold.

And I am getting desperate for junk already. Oh PLEASE I need yard sales and flea markets.

This is how I know I am truly a *junkie* and not someone who does this as a *hobby*.

So, off I went in search of treasure.

Now, I might be the only person on earth who does this, but I watch television to see fabric. Dr Quinn, Little House, The Waltons - all fabric eye candy for me. I sit there and judge the quilts and the fabrics - "no way! Those colors are all wrong for the year this is supposed to be!" or "isn't that fabric on that bolt 36 inches wide? It shouldn't be 36 inches wide!"

I have noticed that on the Waltons a lot of the quilts are Fruit of the Loom quilts. Didn't know Fruit of the Loom made quilts? I have been eyeballing them for several years at the higher end antique shows, but they are always out of my price range. (I know they are made by Fruit of the Loom because they have labels).

Lately I am ADDICTED to the Waltons and it has reignited my quest for a Fruit of the Loom quilt.

And what came my way yesterday?

My very own Waltons quilt!
Man I love the calico prints on these things.

And it's in perfect condition too.

I also picked up a 1930's polka dot dress for a toddler sized Sammi (photo shoot here we come!);
this interesting vintage fabric (sadly it is something silky like rayon and I have no clue what to make with it, and there is a LOT of it);
another quilt - this one had these horrible patches on it. The patches were old and I know she was trying to save it, but I took them all off. It ruined the aesthetics.
It's a lovely wedding ring. With a big ugly stain. I think I will let it marinate a bit in the washer and see if I can get it out.
I love the purple polka dot.
There was also a BIG puffy vintage eiderdown...

with a rosy paisley print; The remnants of a baby rattle;
a pile of vintage hearts (I am thinking garland for valentine's Day);
A sweet (very tiny) rocking horse, destined for dolls;
And a what the hell was I thinking. A vintage baby scale with a wicker basket.
I just got rid of one these. Why did I buy another? Oh yea, because this one had a wicker basket.


Hurry up spring, this only wet my appetite even more!

*There seems to be no history on the internet on the fruit of the loom quilts.


  1. Like you, I am craving the need to get out and junk. You did good - loving the broken baby rattle and the hearts (very timely). Can't wait to see Sammi in that next photo shoot...

  2. Dear Sarah, I have never ever heard someone else mention the fruit of the loom quilts! I have two and I absolutely love them. I love their cotton and the weight of them!! So glad you found one. Did you see the movie the help? I loved the fabric in that movie. that polka dot dress is perfection. good finds, you!

  3. I had to laugh about your baby scale. I have done the same thing myself. I buy, get rid of, and then buy again the same things. I think sometimes we are attracted to things, but then aren't sure what to do with them or where to put them, but we just NEED them!!

    I LOVE the Waltons, my favorite tv show ever. I am going to have to pay closer attention to the quilts. What always stands out to me is the fabric on the curtains and sofas, it always seems to be the same blue floral in everyone's homes,lol!!
    I have never heard of Fruit of the loom quilts, I'll have to keep an eye out for you for some.

  4. I learned something today! Never, ever knew about Fruit of the Loom quilts. Looks like you had a very successful outing!

  5. Really Fruit of the Loom? Would have never known...well done. Smiles...Renee

  6. Great finds! Have you ever tried a product called Textile Soak? Several people have mentioned it on blogs...I've never tried it, but it's supposed to get out stains that nothing else will touch...w/o damaging the delicate old fabrics. Worth a try...that wedding ring quilt is beautiful! *e*


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