Wednesday, February 15, 2012

caught on tape

Two or three days ago I went into the living while Jack was eating breakfast and found Sammi on the couch.

I started to scold Jack for leaving her up there and he immediately started asking her how she got up there.

Then I realized that yea, she wasn't up there when he was up there.

I pretty quickly realized she was getting herself up there.

But she was sneaking when I wasn't looking.
Now she is OBSESSED with getting up there.
All morning long it has been up down up down up down up down.
And man is she ever proud of herself for getting up there.

Dave said to me on the phone this morning - "What are we going to do about that?" I replied "nothing." He replies "it's dangerous!*". My response was "have you ever met our child? Just how on earth would I stop her?"

I mean this baby has my bullheadedness 100%. If she wants it she is going to scream and moan until she gets it**.

She and I spent all day yesterday arguing about what is hers and what is mine. LOLOL "no no no! Mine!"

With that I have to go change ANOTHER poopy diaper. I just changed one 15 minutes ago. How many times a day can such a small person poo for goodness sake? I am pretty sure I change 8 poopy diapers a day.

*Yes, sometimes she tumbles getting down. But honestly. She will have to sort it out.

** How much fun is our house going to be with THREE of us with that bullheaded trait? Jack is the king of it.


  1. I remember when mine would play around the stairs. There was no stopping her. Her father insisted she was going to fall down an entire flight of stairs one day if I didn't keep a better eye on her and put a stop to it. "Well, that will teach her.". Sure enough, it did.

  2. Oh Sarah...she is just as cute as can be. I love these little moments. Smiles...Renee

  3. Adorable. And I think you have absolutely the right thought about her getting up there.

  4. She certainly does look proud of herself!

  5. I couldn't stop smiling when I read this post - the look on her face after she made it up is absolutely precious!!!!

  6. I am just loving watching her grow. She is so sweet. I love that smile of accomplishment on her face.

  7. Anonymous8:37 PM

    That's too cute! I have two bull-headed girls & a husband...maybe, it is their zodiac sign. ;)


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