Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heart to Heart 2012

Okay, time to reveal the heart to heart valentines from 2012!
Katie made pretty 3D hearts. You will have to go see her photos because we were one short so I didn't get one to keep, but they sure were sweet!

Shara made candy boxes complete with felt chocolates;
Desi decorated felt hearts;

Jane made the sweetest birds (Jack tried to steal it!);

Lisa made a different version of the arrow!;

Rachel made rose pins;

Stefani made art plaques;

Kim used the cutest little vintage stuffies to make these hearts (I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted!);

Mikey made love spinners;

Mel made sweet little banners;

Courtney made bakers twine buntings (these are going on my dollhouse);

Coleen made quilted hearts;

Tiff made sweet pipe cleaner girls;

Michaele made pretty pink balls;

And Hope made felt fortune cookies (I have NO idea why blogger refuses to let me put this below her picture).

They are all very sweet and I appreciate your participation ladies and gent!

Happy Valentines day to you all.

(Wait until you see what I thrifted for Sammi for Valentines Day. I die.)

P.S. If you want a link and didn't get one email me your link please? I have to use a different account to look in my email and I have already been at this an hour. With two screaming kids. Oy.


  1. Wowzers~great swaps!
    Can't wait to see Sammy in her Valentine finery!
    And maybe Jack with one of those fake arrows through his head?! Do they still make those?

  2. Sarah, so sorry you were short one heart from me. I must of goofed when I counted them. I will send you one.
    Thanks again for doing the swap.

  3. I got my Valentines! Thank you for another great year of Heart 2 Heart swapping :)
    Loved your arrow!!

  4. Thanks for hosting another fabulous swap! Love all my special hearts.

  5. Every year I see the swaps and wish I would have joined. Lots of fun stuff!


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