Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's play dress up with vintage baby clothes

Well, two weeks later and I finally have some photos of that big stash of vintage baby clothes I found for Sammi!
For starters, it's a BIG pile. These are the ones I didn't take pictures of.

Onto some of my favorites (oh get warm soon weather! so these will still fit Sam for a little while).
A perfectly aqua gingham sunsuit
with a ruffle butt.
A perfectly green sunsuit
with a ruffle butt.
A sweet yellow striped top
with a little bear with a bell!!
A pink ruffly sunsuit
with the sweetest roses on the ruffles.
A faded little blue dress
with rows of french knots.
A shirred pink sun dress
with flowers and rick rack.
The sweetest little blue blouse
with tiny little checks and a peter pan collar.
A nylon tiny pink nightie. (GET OUT!)
And a sweet print little sun suit.

How much fun is playing dress up with Cheeks?!?!


  1. The only thing that I can imagine that's cuter than these clothes is Sammi in these clothes. Those ruffles! Just great.

  2. How fabulous are those precious clothes!! Such yummy prints and ruffles. Have fun playing with Sammi.

  3. Stunning. Your are a vintage clothes magnet. I cannot wait to see her in a few of them...smiles...Renee

  4. Hmmm, what does the verify look like on here?

  5. Absolutely amazing! They are all in such great shape too. So jealous.


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