Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My vintage valentine

Last week I was moaning on facebook about how I never find good vintage clothes for Sam and the ones on Ebay/Etsy are SO darn $$$$.

And then last weekend I hit the mother lode.

For an unbelievable price.

In it was this little valentine dress. Even Dave gasped when he saw it.

It needed (and still needs one) some repairs. The lace trim on the bottom and the collar was totally tattered. I would have to completely remake the dress to replace it, so I just very, very carefully (think a full hour later) trimmed it off.
And then I spent 2 days bleaching the collar and stain treating the rest.

But isn't it sweet! (Never mind that it needs an iron. And the buttons on the collar still need to be replaced because one is missing. I just ran out of time.)
I mean come on! She embroidered forget me not on it.
I cannot get Sam to stand up so you can see it, this was the best I could get.
But holy cats it is adorable.

My sweet vintage valentine.

Now if the fairies would come and repair the rest of the lot. Oh yea, and bring back my energy. I am dying over here.

P.S. Sorry there is nothing of Jack. He's at school (on a big field trip with JET actually). We did make a pinterest valentine for his classmates. Which I forgot to take a picture of. I am telling you, I do NOT have my crap together right now.


  1. I was overwhelmed with the dress cuteness and then I saw it on Sammi - no wonder Dave gasped!

  2. Super sweet. It's the perfect Valentine dress.

  3. Oh I knew it was good if Dave gasped...Perfection. Look at all that hair. Happy Valentines Day to you all...Renee


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