Monday, February 27, 2012

A new bed for the growing up boy

About 2 years ago I scored a full sized version of Jack's twin bed for $10 at the flea market. I tucked it in the basement for "later."

Then this summer I cleaned out our basement. We had our old queen sized mattress down there and it was in my way. It occurred to me that Jack could be sleeping on it instead of it waiting to get ruined in the basement.

He was super excited about getting the "good bed" (he loves that mattress) and has been bugging me about moving into it for months.
When I saw the Land of Nod's* new beds pop up on facebook I new I wanted to paint it anything but white. (For once.)
Dave picked out the paint. I really wanted something brighter, but spray paint colors are so darn limited.

And actually it works perfectly with the maps behind it.

And the quilt I made for him from Daddy's shirts awhile back.

The bed takes up a huge portion of the room, but let's be honest, my kids never play in their rooms anyway. When we left behind the little house for this house we inherited tons of other places to play. I think when Sam leaves the crib I will just move her into a full sized bed too. I have another stunning vintage beauty in the basement just waiting for her. :-)

However, the desk we made him? PIGSTY! LOL Do not be fooled by the photos. I had to clean up for 30 minutes in there so you wouldn't see a bunch of crap everywhere.

Sam is Snotty McSnoterson right now. And crabby. So she is hanging out with bear and watching country music videos. :-)

*I love land of nod, but seriously, $649 for their version?

P.S. Thank you for all of your good wishes. I am still trucking along over here. Tired and GAGGY. That can go away anytime now thanks. Any moment now Sam is surely going to start imitating the gagging. Ha.


  1. The bed is a dead ringer for the one that inspired you, except I like your color better. (Who pays that for a bed? Seriously?)

  2. love it! i was just looking at those beds last week. yours looks fab!

  3. Fabulous bed. Brilliant color too.

  4. look at him just chilling with Mr. Bear. So cute. The bed looks amazing

  5. I love the bed and the color! Great job :)
    I hope Sammi feels better soon.

    Hey, did you see that Babylegs is having a site wide sale? Everything is $4!!! I just got Mason some more, he loves his "baby wegs".

  6. You can never go wrong with Jenny Lind...never. Smiles...Renee

  7. I love it!! I'm looking for a twin size bed just like that for Maren, and I might as well start looking for Porter too. I love the color you chose, especially with the maps! It's not too grown up but it's not babyish either, so he can use it for a long time. Do you prefer one spray paint brand over another?

  8. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Love that green shade and the maps. We are currently redoing a bathroom and I have vintage maps in mind...I've always loved looking at them so why not on the walls?
    My sister gave me an old Jenny Lind twin size head & foot board that has been in the garage for a few years. I just can't give it away since I still hope to be able to use it at some point for our girls (their room is so small we have to have a trundle).
    Congratulations on your happy baby news! I know you went thru heck to have your babies and being a former fertility patient myself I know all the agony/anxiety involved.


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