Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paper dolls

We left Jack with Oma last Saturday morning so we could do a little junking sans whining.

Among the things I picked up was a stack of paper dolls.

They are sweet even without their outfits on.
There are dresses for different nationalities (and pjs too!).
I have a sweet spot for the Native American ones.
But they are all fun.
There is date appropriate* clothing - that romper is so sweet.
A gypsy.
Hmmmm, maybe I have the hat with the wrong dress.
Birds on a pinafore.
And the pink jammies with the bunny. I die.

31 outfits plus accessories in all.

I didn't tuck the collars for the photos because they are in mint condition and I was scared of tearing them.

I think I will frame them for Sammi's room for when the doll quilts have to come down. Which is soon I think. She wants to grab them and touch them and they are hung up with push pins. (Which she will certainly eat.)

Maybe tomorrow I will get off my rear end and show you all the fabulous clothes I found for Sam.

Or maybe I will just sit here and watch Sammi play on the couch some more. LOL

*I think they are probably late 30's - early 40's?


  1. Very cool! A friend has some really old paper dolls framed...and I drool every time I visit.
    Great find~great idea for Sammi's room.
    Thanks for sharing...I will go wipe my drool now! LOL

  2. Those are so cute! What a find. And so many things you could do with them.

  3. I LOVE THOSE! The little Dutch girl? yum! And the little Irish girl can stay out for St. Patrick's Day if you don't get them framed before then! Great find!

  4. What an amazing find. I love the idea of framing them. I can't believe how many outfits you have for them. Darling.

  5. Oh my goodness...I died a little too....smiles...Renee

  6. Those are darling! Before you frame them, you should scan them. I can imagine making lots of cute things from the scanned versions.

  7. um I want to steal those!! I love all the costumes- ADORABLE!


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