Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Since I was feeling pretty okay yesterday Sammi and I did some thrifting.

The thrift stores here are still filled with dreck.

And nearly empty.

It was a waste of expensive gas really.

And I am counting the weeks until garage sale season starts. (I should be past the first trimester yuckies by then, hurray!)

Here is the big exciting grand haul from THREE thrifts. Oy.
Toot and Puddle. I had no idea this was written by Holly Hobbie until someone pointed it out on facebook. The kids and I like to watch them on one of those satellite kid's channels.
A vintage sweater dress for Sammi.
Made in Italy for Stix Baer & Fuller. I remember that store from when I was little. They became Dillards in the '80's.--
And a forget me not tureen. I am sure that 6 months from now I will wonder why on earth I bought this. It's not terribly useful. But it is pretty. And I was desperate.

I bought a big pile of these Japanese lanterns more than a month ago and just never took a picture of them.

And now my punishment for slacking off yesterday is that I get to spend today getting Jack's clothes ready to sell at the consignment sale. I hate that chore. But selling his stuff gets me in the door a day early so there is better stuff to buy for the kids. I don't dare sell anything of Sammi's because we all know I am hoping for another girl. Which certainly means we are having another boy. :-)


  1. WOW, I don't visit in a while and what happens? Congrats on your wonderful news, Sarah! And Sammi is walking. Alot happens over here! Going to see what else I've missed right now. Have a great day!

  2. As you can imagine, I'm completely smitten with your paper lanterns. Let's hope that the thrifting gods start bringing more loot.

  3. Haven't been thrifting in a while, but the other day I realized they've got the Easter stuff out and I'd love to find more of those foil-covered giant West Germany eggs...so maybe I should start going again.

    We LOVE Toot & Puddle! The books are so sweet and charming.


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