Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinned it and bought it

Oy. My house is so freaking chaotic right now. I am going a bit insane. I am way too exhausted to keep up with all these damn messes. Or to blog.


This is stuff that was bought many moons ago. It has only taken me 3 weeks to get the pictures off the camera.
A cheap quilt.

It's not a super fab pattern, but there are some very sweet fabrics.

I am considering the unthinkable - cutting it up for the fabrics I want.

It's in decent enough shape so I could sell it. But this type of quilt is just not going to bring a lot of $$.
A cool set of blocks for Jack.
I am terrified he will lose the pieces since it is actually complete.

A sweet old bear. He was stinky. I accidentally left him out in the sudden rain when I was sunning him. Oy. I think I need to try washing it and get it over with.

Onto my pinned it and bought it. I pinned this photo of a kid's room and fell in love.

I happened on two chalkboards that weekend. This little one...
And this big one (which needs it's tray reattached).

If the new baby is a girl I will likely just move her into Sammi's room as it is and move Sammi into what was my room as a little girl. Then Sam will get the chalkboard wall in her new room. If the new baby is a boy the chalkboard wall will go in his room.

I just need 2 or 3 more chalkboards...

12 weeks on Tuesday. Certainly life will return to me soon, right?


  1. i have the chalkboard in you 2nd the backside of yours a black chalkboard? when we turn our Florida room into a game room/sitting area i'm going to hang it up in there

  2. Those are fantastic chalkboards. Jack will love those blocks. Sammi will eat them so pray they do not have lead paint on them! I am kidding...Poor bear I left a wool rug out in the rain and completely lost it. Just made me so mad. It wasn't supposed to rain overnight. Almost there...hang in for few more days. Smiles...Renee

  3. I think I had the 2nd chalkboard as a kid! Love the quilt.
    You do know that your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom, right?


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