Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet Sammi on a Friday

I want to thank you all for your homeschooling input. There is not only a lot of good info there, but a lot of things that I think really speak to the heart of the matter with Jack.

I have had some photos of thrifted stuff taken for a week to show you, but I need to find a cord to get them off the camera. Plus the children have changed some of the computer settings and I can't get the computer to suck the photos off the camera properly.

So how about some cute photos of Sammi until I get my picture thing sorted?Her hair is suddenly long and seemingly overnight.

And she is developing a genuine toddler attitude to go with it. We have opinions galore over here now.

We also finally have a third tooth. And more time spent walking than crawling. And the addition of STOP to her vocabulary which is used to tell Jack to bugger off.

It has been super, super warm here. Like 85 degrees warm. Spring has sprung and we are spending most of the day outside. I am still hoping that the damn puke monster will stop chasing me soon. I'm over it.

With that I have to go feed a little person some oatmeal.

Happy Friday.

P.S. We are going to costco to buy the fort this evening. :-)


  1. Sarah,
    Do they have a Montessori near you? Would that be an option for Jack? How about a nearby system with an intensive gifted program or a Waldorf School? Just thinking of other viable options. Good luck!!

  2. YAY to the fort.

  3. Sammi you are so yummy. Those cheeks, that wispy hair and the attitude that is written all over your face. You have your mommy spun around your finger. Sarah how do you get anything done. This was my favorite age. I adored them with their little words and shushing diapers. Thanks for sharing...have fun with the playset. Smiles...Renee

  4. Tooo cute for words! Sammi...don't give your mommy too hard a time...she's a great mommy with so much going on. I sometimes feel tired right along with Sammi & good to Mommy and keep sharing those awesome smiles..and chubby cheeks...and growing pains...*e*


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