Monday, March 05, 2012

Tales from the trenches

HOUSEKEEPING NOTE: I just deleted the google friends widget because it was just showing an empty box. Sorry if I messed anyone up there. I thought it was still supposed to work for blogger blogs? But apparently it wasn't working for me.

Last Friday I took Sammi to the ped because the amount of time she was spending crying was simply not proportionate to the head cold we had.

She has ANOTHER stinking, freaking ear infection.

And her right ear tube? Not functioning at all. It's possible it's blocked with wax. (She has really small ear canals and seems to be causing some wax trouble.)

So. Back on augmentin and back on the drops in the hopes that the drops will free up the tube. (And if they don't? I am not sure I can go through that surgery again. For real.)

I was not at all happy about that, but whatever.

Then on Saturday we go to Costco to try and round up some food for this house.

Sammi should have been named EAT. This girl wants to EAT EAT EAT. She signs eat constantly. She sits in her carseat and sees pictures of food when we are out and says MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and starts signing to eat.

Costco was heaven for her on a Saturday - food samples everywhere.

Dave gives her two tiny bites of some talapia.

We come home and take a nap. I pick her up 2 hours later when she wakes up and notice she has giant hives ALL OVER HER!

Call the exchange for the ped, which leads to Children's Hospital. The nurse decides she is allergic to the augmentin and says stop the meds and take her to urgent care.

Oh hell no.

The flu is running rampant here for starters, I am not going into the hot bed of flu town at the urgent care. Secondly Sammi has had nearly 2 months of Augmentin before with no issues. Third, Jack had a bad antibiotic allergy in kindergarten which left him unable to walk and this looks nothing like that.

I decided to go with my own gut and keep giving her the augmentin.

Because *I* am allergic to all kinds of fish and I know darn and good and well those hives are from eating fish.

They disappeared an hour later.

No more hives since.

But from now on Sammi, aka EAT, is on the "if mama can't eat it, Sammi can't eat it" diet. (She has also had a problem with mango, which is an issue for me too.)

And that's the weekend fun I had.

But this girl? LORDY she is stinking cute.

And yesterday? She gave me a kiss! Toddling all over and kissing. Sweet.

My gagging seems to be letting up a little. Perhaps I will return to life soon? :-)


  1. Poo on the ear infection. Hope everyone feels better soon. Also, re: fruit allergies, sometimes people are allergic to the insecticide on the fruit (chemicals can creep all the way to the core of apple, so a surface wash often isn't enough). You might want to try an organic mango - when we buy them by the boatloads, we also have reactions, but it seems to be mainly a chemical reaction.

    Btw, the kiss is so cute!

  2. Hope you all are feeling better soon! She is just so sweet!

  3. So I am think that you should hang up this whole SAHM thing go back to school with your science background and become the pediatrician we all want and need. She is so freakin' cute. I can't stand it. mmmmm! at signs. What a doll. Smiles...Renee


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