Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I didn't do the chores today

I didn't do the chores today
Instead I took the kids to play
It should have been a grand old time
But I am pretty sure I nearly lost my mind.

Jack loves the beach at this lake and since it is BOILING HOT (yesterday my van said 98 degrees at 3 pm), I thought we might as well go. At least the kids could get wet right?

It was all downhill from minute one. The lake is completely covered with nasty green algae slime.

Sammi would NOT wear a hat.

They played okay for a minute or two...
and there were HUNDREDS of butterflies of all different kinds (you will have to look closely to see the yellow ones here, in a moment you will understand why I couldn't leave the children for a single second). I have never seen butterflies like that in the wild, only in the butterfly houses. (That many I mean.)
They thought they would look in the water for a minute.
And then Sammi had an absolute temper tantrum for at least 20 minutes when I insisted she NOT go any farther into the very slimy water where she could easily drown while I was also trying to mind Jack.
At which point I had to carry her kicking and screaming over 1/2 a mile of burning hot sand with my pregnant self huffing and puffing and thinking we were all going to die any moment now, at the very least from heat stroke.
I finally got her to drink some water and she chilled out for a minute.
But even Jack decided after an hour it was time to get out of dodge.

I sat on that beach for a minute remembering when it was just Jack and he would explore that place for hours and I could just sit and watch and take photos of him. Instead of not being able to blink because Sammi was into everything and putting things in her mouth and Jack had wandered off and I couldn't see him AND OH MY LORD there is no way in hell we are going to Florida this year husband Dear.

And then we all had to come home (a 40 minute ride in the car with the two of them aggravating each other non stop and shrieking and screaming and crying and carrying on so much I cannot believe I can still manage to drive under those conditions) and have a nap.

I have promised a trip to the movies tomorrow.

Is there any chance I will survive it?

I think not.

(There are certainly challenges to having kids this far apart. Oy.)

*Jack is really at a stinker of an age. MAN that kid can aggravate right now.

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  1. I have some wonderful motherly advice....Mine are all two years apart and really isn't any better. I promise. The good news is it is almost bed time and it is supposed to be cooler next week. Smiles...Renee


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