Monday, April 02, 2012

Vintage fabric, how I love you

We spent most of the weekend putting in a much bigger vegetable garden. Which was a huge, exhausting, BOILING HOT (93 degrees on April 1) job.

Hopefully it will be fruitful and I will soon be filling our bellies with real tasting tomatoes and peas right off the vine. Yummm.

It was not a job without exhausting drama though. We had dumped 3 truckloads of compost on that area last week and when Dave started tilling he realized he had tilled right through a rabbit nest. (Baby rabbits in March? This weather is truly bizarre.) And oh my. It was horrible. Only one of the babies lived and Jack and I had to drive an hour away to find a rescue center to take it. Oy.
The weather has been hot enough for Sammi to start wearing that big pile of vintage clothes I bought her this winter though. And just in time, any longer and they would be too small.
We went to a city wide yard sale on Saturday and I only bought TWO little pieces of fabric.
They are swell, but an ENTIRE city and only two pieces of fabric? Junking is just not off to a great start for me at all this year.

Over the past week I also managed to scrounge up some other good fabrics, some full feedsacks, some just bits and pieces, but all sweet:

(I am really digging the turquoise and yellow together.)

I could buy vintage fabric all day long. Sigh.

Jack is FINALLY on spring break this week. I am excited about a break from the daily grind, but the two of them have spent the entire morning tormenting each other! Sibling rivalry already, LOL. They are only quiet right now because our lawn guy is mowing and they are watching out the windows. (The lawn has already had to be mowed twice. I feel like we are living in Florida again. We really didn't have winter at all.)

Alright off with me. I actually made something last week. Perhaps I will get it blogged this week?


  1. Oh my...that is lovely fabric. I just ordered some from etsy having no luck on my own. LOOK at all that gorgeous hair! Is it growing an inch a night? Hot here too. We had a tournament this weekend and couldn't believe the temps. Oh well...sweet little jumper Sammi...smiles...Renee

  2. Those pinks are amazing. And the bunny flying the airplane. Are you kidding? Amazing.

  3. Sweet fabric.
    Sammi is adorable in that jumper. She looks quite proud of herself in it as well.


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