Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Vintage inspired foil eggs

A few weeks ago I won a give away of egg boxes from the Speckled Egg . I knew right away I wanted to cover them with some florists foil I have had kicking around for years just for that purpose. And it was perfect timing since I have thrifted NOTHING Easter this year.

(These are crappy photos but taking the pictures and covering the eggs took me all of 20 minutes.)

Here is what the foil rolls looked like. I paid 25 cents each at a yard sale, so it's worth looking for while you are out and about.
I peeled the foil off the plastic backing. This is the hardest part! But once it's peeled off the foil is sort of sticky.
Then I gently removed the cardboard band that keeps the lid on.
Cover them with foil and use an exacto to neatly trim the foil on the inside. Then reglue the cardboard band.
20 minutes later and I had 3 vintage looking foil eggs. If I had an extra 20 minutes I would have put some froofy stuff on the tops I suppose. Flowers or something.
For comparision - the lighter aqua one in front is the vintage one. (I think if I had wadded up my foil it would have looked more wrinkly like the old egg.

Now I had better go use the next 20 minutes to work on the other Easter project I really want to get done this year!

*Also I have not felt like I have to puke for 3 days. WOOOOOHOOOOO! Yesterday was the start of week 14, maybe I am out of those woods.


  1. Well done. Big time LOVE on those foil eggs.

  2. Brilliant! I have a roll of pink foil I bought at an estate sale. Now, I just need to find some eggs...

  3. Gorgeous. Never would have thought of that. Why I cannot see past the end of my needle I will never know. Genius strikes your family again...smiles...Renee

  4. I keep hoping to find some of those egg boxes, but I never see them - not even in RETAIL land - which I loathe. I want to cover mine in glass glitter. I love the foil too.

    *Did you see that I finally found some BIG HUGE paper eggs???? Still not quite as big as the one you found, but pretty darned BIG!

  5. I read this the other day. . .meant to comment then...these are FABULOUS!!! To think, I threw TONS of that foil away.....maybe not tons, but at least a truckload! Shame on me.....(property I used to manage had the contents of an old florist stored in it, we were going to renovate the building, and started to clean out...renovation plans haulted and all that stuff gone for nothing....I did manage to get some fabulous chemical bottles, about 30 galvalnized french flower buckets in assorted sizes, some wire baskets, and lots of vintage ribbon which I used in the antiques shop part of that same job to tie up customer purchases. However, I did buy all of the chartreuse green velvet ribbon for myself!


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