Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's supposed to be 100 miles of yard sales

Dave and I went to the 100 mile yard sale on Friday*. I swear every year it is BOILING hot when that thing rolls around, so we never do more than 60 miles of it.

And being nearly 6 months pregnant I got out of the car about once every 10 sales or so.

There were still a few interesting things that made their way into the car though.

I bought a HUGE box of fabric scraps. This is what was left after I had sorted through it. I think I have 4 lingerie bags FULL of feedsack scraps. But they are small. I think the only thing I can think to make of with them is a ticker tape or postage stamp quilt. I will try and show them to you once they are done drying in the sun. I was afraid the dryer would leave me with nothing.
There were some decent sized scraps in the box too. This is a voile or something, but I am thinking doll dresses. If I live that long.
A fun vintage floral.
Some decent sized vintage solids. (Always good to have since I use a lot of vintage fabric and no modern solids are really a good color match.)
One of two larger feedsack scraps.
And the other. I swear I have an apron or something made with this fabric somewhere.
The second much needed light fixture for our closet.
A new Irmi lamp for TBA.
What was marked as a spice rack. It's pretty small. And it's going in the basement playhouse.A sweet old dresser box.
A tablecloth. (I probably already have this one too. LOL)
And a new quilt. Of course. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green.And the fans! It's a cutter. But super fun. (And won't be cut as I long as I am in charge of it.)
Just look at the aqua and red daisies on the back!

A wooden cake plate.
I think this will be fun painted and with a felt play cake for the playhouse.

I bought a bookshelf too. But it's already in the basement. It might go in Sam's room when we make the big switch here soon.

And I finally found another crib so TBA won't be sleeping in a drawer!

*Every year this thing gets more and more popular. And that means every year there is less and less *vintage* anything and more and more clothes. It's like a 100 mile long walmart. Except that used clothes are priced at $8(!!!) a piece. Honestly. Crazy town.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gaining steam

Yesterday I left a HUGE box of barbies at a yard sale. Said huge box was marked $10. When I mentioned it to Dave he said 1) hang up and go back and get it right now and 2) you have no mojo because you are overthinking it this year.

And yea, I am a little.

The more kids we have, the more chaos we have in the house for starters. And I have a lot less time to take care of anything but kids. (Which is okay really. I choose kids over stuff obviously.)

But I decided to stop overthinking it so much so I could at least enjoy the season before we have little person number three.

(And I did go back for the barbies. There were 14 barbies, 4 kens, 20 kelly dolls, 6 infants, half a pillow case full of clothes, tons of shoes, accessories, etc. So yea, for $10 I was being stupid.)

So I set out this morning with my "let it go philosophy." Apparently it helped my mojo and I might just be gaining junking steam again!

A really faded cutter quilt.
But when it's asking price is $3 no way in Hades am I going to leave it there.
A HUGE roll of old carnival tickets.
Christmas crap! At last! Man it's been a long time.
A huge bag full of...
eyeballs I think? I think these will be fun for Halloween. Maybe sew a bunch together to make garlands? Halloween ornaments?
A cutter baby quilt. I will never cut this one up, but the condition is rough. That's okay, it just means Sam can use it and abuse it some more.
A pillow case.
A doll quilt. Not the prettiest one ever, but the girl with all the linens REALLY wanted me to have it when she heard Sammi has a wall of doll quilts.
A bazillion different styles of craft scissors. (Kraft edgers to be exact.) This is something I would have passed up because it was $12. But, the kids and I will have fun with them. So why not?
A sweet crib sheet. I might turn it into pillow cases for Sammi. Or a curtain for her room.
And last, but never least (and not at all like the crazy, insane, massive, wonderful hoard Barbara just got), a feedsack.

I didn't even bother taking pics of the pile of gymboree/gap stuff I bought for Sam or the brand spanking new Hanna Anderson baby cardigan I bought for $3.

All in all, a nice morning.

Now my house is a giant wreck of quilts that need to be washed and piles of barbies.

And it's awesome.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some for me, One for you

I never mean to disappear for an entire week.

I think oh I should blog.

But then I am trying to cook dinner and my darling, precious, sweet cheeks is for some unknown reason (every.single.night) freaking the hell out over my cooking and screaming and shrieking and clawing her way up my legs while Jackson is starting to freak out over the noise and dinner is burning to crisp and the cats are scratching to death with fleas and complete and utter chaos is breaking out.

And then I have to spend nap time working on dinner instead of slagging off. Or blogging.

It's a good time around here.

We have been busy too.

We went strawberry picking. We were dangerously low on jam now that we are eating a jar a week.

Sam took a bite of nearly every strawberry in the container. LOL
Jack refused to take a sweet photo without putting straw bunny ears on Sam.
My girl is BRAVE. She likes the regular swings. I have never seen a kid her age who could actually balance on a regular swing. And Jack pushes her high enough that she is actually moving and holding on.
We also went to field day at school. (Looking super cute, I might add. Now if she would just leave those darn pigtails alone!) She was clapping for their singing or something I think.
Today was the super cute boys last day of school. He needs a haircut first thing. I couldn't be happier about being done with this school stuff for awhile.

I have still been TRYING like hell to buy stuff with very minimal success.

This was my only mother's day flea market purchase. It will fit Sam though, bonus points for that.
I thrifted this one this week. It will fit also.
The blue gingham screams DOROTHY to me.
The pink chenille was marked $1.94 at the thrift. The expensive thrift. Maybe they were drunk that day? It's a strange style of bedspread with a ruffle on the sides on the bed. My scissors need to decide what it wants to be...My fisher price toy collection is growing by leaps and bounds. I had never seen this dump truckers set before. (The front litho is missing.)But the back is in perfect shape. I have already ordered the trucks that go with it so we can play!
And in the one for you category - I had a burfday this week. 37. Whoa. I always blog a photo of my boyfriend (waves to jon~~~bon jovi~~) and have a give away.

I slacked on the posting and the boyfriend photos because Jackson had a really terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that day and frankly I was all het up.

BUT, I found something to give to one of you. A HUGE vintage tablecloth. I already have this one. (In fact, it was one of the first ones I bought when we lived in Florida.)

The condition is pretty excellent. Not holy or stained and I have already washed it and sunned it for you to get it back to white.

Want it? Need it? Just leave a comment telling me so.

I will have Sam draw a name in a few days.

Her first blog drawing! How "cosciting" as a little Jack used to say. :-)

*P.S. We had our 20 week ultrasound too. TBA, aka to be announced new baby, is perfect. And HUGE. There is some freak out about the size issue, but I plan on making sure my new OB is not bothered by that, because I am not. The gender shall remain a secret this time because my sweet Dad REALLY wants to be surprised and this might be the last grandchild. My lips are sealed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Iowa, the end.

Well, actually there is one more thing, but it still needs to be cleaned up!
A pair of bird prints.
Frames need a lick of paint.
A set of hexagon shadow boxes for the new baby's room. Also in need of paint.
A new night stand for Sammi, no paint needed.
An awesome magnetic board.
Which will join the vintage chalkboards I bought a few months for that chalkboard collage wall.
And a SUPERB vintage stool. The top is the most perfect shade of blue. It's marked property of such and such hospital on the bottom. It's small, but I often find myself squatting on a step stool to clean out dressers and stuff and it's tall enough for that job.

Junk! Thank you Iowa.

Now if we could do something about the dry spell around here... Sammi and I tried a total dud of a garage sale again yesterday and all I was looking for was baby clothes! Those should have been easy to come by.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The little stuff from Iowa

I bought a big bag (80 spools) of beautiful silk thread. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make a pinterest wreath I saw the week before.
Then I made the mistake of checking the stuff on Ebay.

Some of it brings crazy amounts of $$. But it's so yummy and soft and beautiful. I am not sure I can part with it.
Small meyercord decals.
Giddy up cowboy!
A bavarian cup. I needed a new water cup in our bathroom.
Vogart iron on transfers.
Something I have never seen before.
Large meyercord decals.
And a horse belt buckle. Every little girl goes through a horse phase, right? I hope so!