Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gaining steam

Yesterday I left a HUGE box of barbies at a yard sale. Said huge box was marked $10. When I mentioned it to Dave he said 1) hang up and go back and get it right now and 2) you have no mojo because you are overthinking it this year.

And yea, I am a little.

The more kids we have, the more chaos we have in the house for starters. And I have a lot less time to take care of anything but kids. (Which is okay really. I choose kids over stuff obviously.)

But I decided to stop overthinking it so much so I could at least enjoy the season before we have little person number three.

(And I did go back for the barbies. There were 14 barbies, 4 kens, 20 kelly dolls, 6 infants, half a pillow case full of clothes, tons of shoes, accessories, etc. So yea, for $10 I was being stupid.)

So I set out this morning with my "let it go philosophy." Apparently it helped my mojo and I might just be gaining junking steam again!

A really faded cutter quilt.
But when it's asking price is $3 no way in Hades am I going to leave it there.
A HUGE roll of old carnival tickets.
Christmas crap! At last! Man it's been a long time.
A huge bag full of...
eyeballs I think? I think these will be fun for Halloween. Maybe sew a bunch together to make garlands? Halloween ornaments?
A cutter baby quilt. I will never cut this one up, but the condition is rough. That's okay, it just means Sam can use it and abuse it some more.
A pillow case.
A doll quilt. Not the prettiest one ever, but the girl with all the linens REALLY wanted me to have it when she heard Sammi has a wall of doll quilts.
A bazillion different styles of craft scissors. (Kraft edgers to be exact.) This is something I would have passed up because it was $12. But, the kids and I will have fun with them. So why not?
A sweet crib sheet. I might turn it into pillow cases for Sammi. Or a curtain for her room.
And last, but never least (and not at all like the crazy, insane, massive, wonderful hoard Barbara just got), a feedsack.

I didn't even bother taking pics of the pile of gymboree/gap stuff I bought for Sam or the brand spanking new Hanna Anderson baby cardigan I bought for $3.

All in all, a nice morning.

Now my house is a giant wreck of quilts that need to be washed and piles of barbies.

And it's awesome.


  1. Glad you got that mojo back and success is on your side again in the junking world. Great deal on those Barbies and glad they were there when you returned...
    love the goofy Halloween eyeballs?

  2. You definitely got your mojo back, and you are once again The Quilt Queen! Or Queen of Quilts. Whichever you prefer! Have you ever done a post about quilts and how to tell if they're old or if they just have old fabric? If not, I reeeally wish you would. Can you tell I found a quilt that I'm puzzled about?

  3. The glasses look like you could use them to look at the eclipse tomorrow night. Oh sure, you will all look completely goofy, but what the heck.

    I wondered when you would find, see and comment on Oodles feedsack hoard. Lordy.

  4. Those eyeballs! I blew up the picture so I could look more closely. I've never seen anything like them. I love your feedsack and I have never seen that pattern.

  5. LOVE all your finds. I just started a new job and have taken the past two weeks off from junking to get used to getting up at 4:30am every day! But I love my afternoons free!

    I did hit up a great consignment shop the other day and got two antique mortar and pestles and some other goodies, including these fabulous black metal cauldrons. They are complete with handles. They had 8 of them for $5 for the set! I think they are for French Onion soup, but I thought they'd be great for pumpkin soup or candy corn or the like for a halloween Tablescape!!!

  6. I love Dave! What a great understanding that man has! My dh would never say that! He is a junk-a-phobe!

    My washer just spit up a gallon of grease and oil into a full load of baby clothes and my favorite thrifted $4 perfect Banana Republic white denim jeans. BOOO HISS! So off to the garage sales I will go in search of the gap/gymboree motherload.

    Hopefully the washer can be fixed without a bank loan. I will never live without my own machine again so dh better be ready to cough up whatever it takes. Sigh.


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