Wednesday, May 02, 2012

On book sales and tape and bears

I was doing a little internet surfing this morning and I discovered that Target has washi tape. Lots of it. In packs of four rolls for $4. (Our store doesn't carry the yellow. Boo.) Sam and I went straight there to buy some. LOL (It's in the office supply stuff, by the paper clips. Just in case you need to go there and buy some too.)
Sammi has quickly reached the days where she goes NOWHERE without her "bearbie", aka attachment object. I did a check of the blog archives this week and it's arrived right on time. Jack's "dandy" started making his regular appearances at just about 16 months old. I love having a blog for stuff like that. (I won't mention that Jack still leaves his dandy lying all around the house every single day and now Sammi is trying to adopt those too. More than one war has broken out over that.)
Jack's school had their used book sale last night and off we went. (Jack only thought he cared about the ice cream part of the sale, but he snatched up an armful of new books too.)

I sort of love used book sales because people here do not give a hoot about the "old books". I bought a HUGE stack of books for the kids. Including this super cute mouse board book for Sammi.
I love the little mice characters at the top.
This is a very 1980's version of when you were a baby. The pregnant aunt is SO Princess Di, isn't she? LOL But really, the story is very sweet and even though Jack is well into chapter books (he is reading Robinson Crusoe!) the story itself is quite appropriate for kids acquiring siblings. :)
And just some other random vintage story time fun.

Hi squirrel!

I have to try and clean up the 14 lbs of food Sammi has spread from one end of the house to the other. I never, ever, ever, ever let Jack wander around with food (even when he was little) but it is the only way that girl wants to eat. And what a mess it makes.

I will be back after my little weekend adventure!


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Thanks for the tip on the washi tape! I'm hoping to head to Target next week - will definitely be seeking it out.

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Super books. I always love books with mice in them. Emma is always looking for an excuse to go to Target. Looks like the washi tape is the perfect excuse.


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