Saturday, June 30, 2012

An amazing instant collection

It has been nearly 110 degrees here for days on end. Because our *second* car is a 22 year old pick up truck with no a/c, Dave has been taking my van every day to work. By this morning I needed OUT OF HERE, hot as hell or not.

I still have a smallish list of things I need for the new baby. (Hello? Wipe warmer? Come to mama!) So garage sales here I come.

I didn't buy a single thing for the new baby.

But I bought a box of vintage doll clothes. (And it was a painful purchase. Cue flaky woman who has no idea how much money she wants and wants to pick out every single piece in the heat and insists they WERE sorted and blah blah. I just want to buy the box and get back in the car.)

The clothes are cute. And they alone were worth the $4.

A pretty floral robe.
A satiny bed jacket...
with bunnies!
A pretty party dress.
And an ever so sweet little organizer? mystery object.

There is a nice sized pile of stuff actually.

But the real treasure is something I didn't even know was in that box.

An amazing collection of the sweetest little doll shoes!
I think they are painted canvas.
With faded pink ribbons.
Not a pair, but they were the only two left, so she must have been using them together.
And art deco buckles.
Pure perfection.

I am in LOVE.

I need to figure out what I can gently stuff in them to reshape them a little bit without detracting from the shoes themselves so I can put them all in a shadowbox.

What a nice suprise.

Afterward we went looking for a car.

And we found a good candidate. Crossing fingers this works out well on Monday. We really need a second car. (That we can all fit in.)

Particularly since we are only about 10-12 weeks away from the arrival of TBA!


  1. I would LOVE those doll shoes. I have a small collection of baby shoes that started with my mother's and uncles and a few that were "homeless". I stuffed them with pretty tissue paper, just enough to give them shape and stuck them in a jar

  2. Loving the doll shoes..a great surprise in the box! They would make some sort of darling mobile as well.
    Good luck on the car hunt...

  3. Squeal! Those doll shoes are absolutely worth every drop of sweat. Be sure to share the shadowbox when it's done.

  4. Loving those wee little shoes. I bought a big box of vintage baby stuff and found about thirty pairs of baby shoes in the bottom. I have no use for them, but I just love to look at them.

    A good dependable COOL car is a MUST. Good luck.

  5. I cannot believe your fabulous luck. Never, never, never find doll clothes in mass like that. Well done. Smiles...Renee

  6. rolled vintage cotton socks in the shoes...

  7. I have some doll shoes that belonged to my mom - little plaid slip-on slippers with pompoms and other cuteness. I was going to suggest tissue paper, too.


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