Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage children's books

I can never resist the siren song of vintage kid's books, even though we have so many we need a librarian on staff at the house to manage them all!
This one is awesome, it has books from the 1940's through the 1960's in it.

Jack loved these stories when he was small, I thought the Thames one was appropriate for the upcoming Olympics! (Now he reads amazingly hard books like The Call of the Wild, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Swiss Family Robinson.
Besides, the river is PINK!

This one is fun for a science girl like me.

This one is CRAZY sweet.

The dots and the animals make me crazy.
Some day I will do something with them other than have them all on the shelf. (But with color copies! No scissors. I know you are all scissor crazy. LOL)

So I tried to go to a garage sale this morning. It took me 30 minutes to get Jack dressed. Then 20 minutes to drive there. And it was 96 degrees at 8 am. Only to discover that she lives in a freaking GATED community and there is NO way to get in. Never mind that she advertised on craigslist and had signs up. Ummm, hello??? Annoying. And I really wanted a look at her pottery barn play kitchen.


  1. I sold a Pottery barn play kitchen at the flea market yesterday. That thing was crazy cute!

    My collection of vintage books has been growing lately. I love the old school readers and Dick and Jane books the most of all.

  2. Went STRAIGHT to Ebay & Etsy to hunt down that fireman book for my little fireman-loving boy and the Toot on the Thames book for London-lovin' ME! I love that first one too--we have several LGBs illustrated by Tibor Gergely.

  3. I totally at the last book. I remember really liking that they were wearing clothes. I had forgotten about it until I saw the picture.


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