Monday, July 30, 2012

Vintage quilts, as always

I am still buying quilts.

I know, you are shocked.

This one was an Ebay find. The photos were not great and I was the only bidder. The pictures don't matter as much to me because I feel pretty confident I know what I am looking a by now.

But I suppose it scares of "newbies".

It is in really great condition. And despite the gray skies today it is pure sherberty perfection.
Including that melon color I am still crushing on.
And green and purple.
This one came from a yard sale. I got up at 6 am to be the first one there.

I have to say I read a lot of junking blogs and I am green with envy right now. But, I also recognize that I have to target yard sales right now, which lowers my chances of success. I can only hit ones that actually advertise things I am looking for, which means everyone else knows those things are there too.

It takes away the *stumble upon* factor, which is often where the best finds are found.

So anyway, she advertised quilts and fabric and so there I was. There were about 8 quilts, in varying conditions and with varying prices. These were NOT $5 quilts, but they also weren't the crazy $200 quilts I have been seeing.

I was indeed the first to arrive. I was inspecting a few that interested me and sort of guarding them. Two other ladies arrive. They ask me what the prices are like and I point out the tags. One lady snorts REALLY loudly and says "I just sold one of these for SIX dollars!" The other lady sniffs and says "Ugh, she just took them out of where ever because they have THAT SMELL."

At that point I was sort of mad. So I said back (loudly) "They are OLD, they have often HAVE THAT SMELL. It's part of quilts."
And then I decided that since I have no log cabin quilt in the collection I should have this one.
And I negotiated the price down from $30 to $20.

All that huffing and puffing over $20 from those other biddies.
Log cabins are usually not my thing because they are often made with much older fabric than what I collect. (Umm, except I have failed to take photos of those fabrics apparently.)

If you look at this one you will see that the darker colors are indeed older fabrics and that the lighter shading is made with 30s and 40s fabrics.

There is one other one that I am a bit sorry I left behind. But it was far away and we ended up going to Chicago for the weekend so I didn't get back there.

I might email and see if it sold.

*A lot of people email me asking me about washing old quilts. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS caution people to proceed very slowly with that. You will often do more damage than good. Yes, they sometimes smell musty. Even after you wash them once they are stored that musty smell returns. It's like it breeds in the quilt cabinet at my house. I just air them out when it's their turn for display. I promise you it is not the end of the world if it smells a little musty! (wink)


  1. Great deals all around! I really wanted to buy a quilt at the estate sale Saturday ... soft yellow and aqua and pink and red. Just patchwork squares, no special design, but boy, was it sweet.

  2. I am always surprised at your prices. All we have here are the $200 variety for quilts.

  3. Oh I love that log cabin quilt! Like Lisa said, that is an awesome price... All I ever see here are the $200 quilts :) (All thrifting out here is pretty expensive... And we have less antiques available as well. I guess maybe since this part of the country wasn't settled as early as other parts? Who knows :)


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