Friday, August 17, 2012

A fun toy and a not so fun week

This old swedish school house toy is the last of the stuff I bought last week.
It was love at first sight.

The teacher and the desks...
The playground equipment that actually holds the kids.

Way too cute.

This week has been utter crap.

The school has added so many stops to the bus route that Jack does not get home from school until FIVE pm.

Yes, FIVE PM. I have had argument after argument with them about this as it means 1) they are late to school every day and 2) by the time he gets home he is beside himself.

On the upside, I saw the OB this week and he thinks this baby will be out sooner rather than later. He said to start looking for a baby any time after Labor Day. I am not *that* optimistic (nor in *that* big of a hurry), but we are about 4 weeks from 38 weeks and that would do me just fine. Yes indeed.

On the downside I hauled myself to Target after being without trash bags for two days only to come home and find I had bought the wrong damn trash bags. I am getting so slow and having so much pelvic pain that doing ANYTHING is becoming quite the chore.

And the insanity with my mother continues.

For starters it has meant a lot of scrambling trying to find someone who can help care for the kids when the new baby does arrive. So far? Not much luck. I don't have the first clue how to find someone to hire to stay in my house with my kids for two days while I am in the hospital. (I KNOW you are all going to suggest the ILs or my father or on and on. For a million reasons those things will not work out. Aside from a girlfriend who has offered to help, I really think this is going to come down to a stranger. I am pretty sure I don't even have to mention how upsetting/disappointing THAT is.)

Which is leading to a lot of anxiety for me.

And my mother herself continues to deny that she has ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL. I am desperately trying to avoid her as I am at the end of my emotional rope*. She refuses to speak to my brother at all (why she thinks I am an easier target I don't know, she is dead wrong there). And she keeps asking me when I am going to bring Jack around. Umm, I am not. I keep telling you that.

Of course this is all stressful for Jack too, who until now has had a very solid, rather normal relationship with her.

Which pushes me even farther over the edge.

On top of all that I am feeling really disappointed in some other relationship situations where it feels like all give and no take.

So I started just telling people off.

While it IS cathartic I am not sure I will be happy with that decision a few months from now. I have worked hard to rid myself of that loud mouthed, hot headed person I was for a long time.

But I am absolutely, positively out of patience with people right now.

So. There you have it.

*Oh the crying. I mean really. For a non crier I am spending an awful of lot of time this week crying in my cheerios.


  1. hi there~you don't know me but I do read your blog....and enjoy it quite a bit~I feel your pain enough today that I must I am a professional nanny (working for a fabulous family with 2 little girls). Does your city/town have a nanny service? I can only tell you that I am well paid and have been vetted (ie drug test-fbi check-local/state check...)perhaps interviewing a professional may ease your situation. One can not choose ones relatives, but one can damn sure choose who will tuck in your children when you are not there. So wishing you the best of luck!! Hugs to you and little ones!

  2. (((hugs))) Sarah, wish I was there to help you. I think the nanny suggestion above is a great idea.
    I know when I had our 4th baby we had just moved to a new state and barely knew our neighbors. We had no family or friends. We ended up having our next door neighbor come over for a few hours when I actually went into labor(which was in the middle of the night). She didn't mind and I gave her a nice gift. Hubby relieved her in the morning and brought the other three up to meet their new brother. Then it was just me and the baby in the hospital unless hubby came to visit with the kids. I really didn't need him there 24/7.
    Maybe you could find someone like a neighbor who could watch them for a few hours(hoping it's a short labor for you!) and then your husband just has to deal with them until you get home.
    Think positive, I'm sure things will work out(ya, I know, you probably want to bite my head off for saying that:) )
    Sorry to hear about your mom, family sucks at times, I know.

  3. Ugh. I so know where you are at right now and if I was closer, I'd be there to help when TBD came. xoxo

  4. I found the whole who's-going-to-watch-the-kid issue the most stressful part (OK, one of the most stressful parts) of Kid #2's arrival. I think it is not as unusual a situation as you think. with so many people living away from families (or with crazy families). Not that that fixes it, but I think it is a pretty common dilemma ... is there someone in your OB's office that could recommend a caregiver to come in for a day or two? I am really sorry about your mom's situation - it is impossible to reason with someone who is not rational, and I hope you can just insulate yourself from her for at least the time being. More useless advice is just an e-mail away ... take care, Sarah, I wish I could be more helpful.

  5. I wish I wasn't working. I would come and watch the kids for you. Seriously wish I could. Might want to google babysitter guild for your area. We hire guild sitters for our church nursery and they are drug tested/background checked etc...

    The bus situation is insanity!!

  6. Hang in there. Thinking of you. Wish I were closer. I would love to help out. Are the counselors not willing to help that kiddo at all? Poor kid should be getting a snack on the bus for having to wait that long! Just had to eat dinner with my MIL last night........shoot me know!!!!!!!!smiles...Renee

  7. I'm a long time reader, but don't comment often (if at all, I don't remember). I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you are having a sucky week. I dont' have any advice, but just wanted to give my invisible, internet support. Hope you feel better soon!


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