Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of second grade

The big yellow angel came for Jack this morning, off to second grade he goes.

He informed me yesterday after we met his new teacher that "he is not that shy anymore" when I told him I had forgotten to tell her he prefers to be called Jack and that he would have to just speak up for himself.

The FOURTH quarter word list includes words like tree, should, drink and might.


I guess I should just give up. He doesn't want to homeschool (for friend reasons), and because he is now in second grade there is no visit the third grade for a few subjects option. (This school is only K-2).

It will be interesting to see how this year pans out I suppose.

Onward and upward we go!


  1. We had a similar dilemma with my son when he was Jack's age. He didn't want to be pulled out for the enrichment program because he felt he would be missing out on activities in his regular class, and also he liked being with his classroom friends. We decided that he would be getting plenty of "enrichment" at home during the elementary school years, so he ended up waiting until middle school and high school to take advantage of more challenging classes. It worked out just fine.

  2. We were lucky that Carrie's 2nd grade teacher let her work on whatever she wanted once her work was done (in about the first 15 minutes of the day). I think her big accomplishment was building an electric chair. The boy who would later be her prom date volunteered to demonstrate how it would work. Good times, but I digress - maybe you can find out if there are projects he can work on independently.

  3. Do they have computers or ipads in the classroom? Last year, for 3rd grade, my son Noah was way ahead in math, so his teacher found him a program online that he could do after he finished the regular work. He and another boy who was also ahead ended up making their own math program and worked on it together.
    Public schools can only do so much with what they have, especially when there is such a wide range of kids in the same classroom and only one teacher.

  4. I love that you call it the Big Yellow Angel.
    My daughter's second grade teacher was THE BEST. Hopefully Jack will get the same.


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