Monday, August 27, 2012

Flea market finds, tantrums and things that go

Being nearly 9 months pregnant DID NOT stop me from buying this beautiful cabinet when I spotted it at a garage sale on Friday.

Thankfully Dave was able to move it mostly by himself. But oy! the belly is a hindrance to junking. :-)

It's a bit of a wreck right now, and sitting in my (getting messier every day) garage until after this baby is born so I can do something about it.

It just had that lovely, old, shabby, perfect glow that said take me home. It has doors for that top section too...
Which have the same panels as the bottom doors, complete with roses!

Shut the front door. Those roses sold me. The more I look at it, the more I see to love though. The hardware is beautiful. The imperfections are beautiful.

We went to the flea yesterday and I have to confess I am starting to worry. I have been going to that flea since high school and I never remember it being as DEAD as it was yesterday. I think only 40% of the vendor spaces were full. We were nearly back to the car when I spotted this quilt top covering a table.

Those of you who have been hanging out here awhile know that I am not afraid to ask people to sell things they thought they were using for something practical. (Boxes holding tools, quilts being used as tablecloths.)

It looks bizarre here because it started to POUR down rain when I had it on the laundry line so I had to dry it in the (messy) garage over a ladder.

It is the perfect shade of green.
And the flowers are as sweet as can be.

Just the day before I oogling a similar flowery quilt on Sarah's Summer House on HGTV.

Now I am pondering a way to display more than one in the living at a time.
I also picked up a big bundle of vintage fabric that was marked "curtains". It turned out to be a set of curtains and a TON of this wonderful fabric in the form of a twin sized dust ruffle.
It's perfectly minty green and going up in Sam's room as soon as I remember to pick up a different curtain rod. (It looks washed out because of said rain.)

From the time Jack was about 18 months old he LOVED riding his "vroom vroom". He would ride that thing all around our house for house a day.

I kept it after it he had outgrown it because it is full of my sweetest toddler memories of him.

During the worst bits of my infertility journey that little old scooter was a beacon of hope to me. It was the one thing I would never, ever part with, no matter how dark those days were, or how hard it was to look at baby stuff.

And there it sat for many years.
This week I have FINALLY managed to teach Sam how to use it. She doesn't want to ride it all day like Jack did, but oh man, does it make my heart so happy to see another little body riding that scooter around our house.
And about Sam. Ugh. She has decided she is in a difficult period. No sleeping (18 month sleep disturbance anyone?) without plenty of crying and screaming and carrying on.

And tantrums.

Rolling on the floor screaming and carrying on tantrums.

I have a feeling life is about to be VERY interesting for a few months. LOL


  1. Terrific finds! Love the why can't I run across something like that?
    Sammy sweet cheeks has tantrums? Say it isn't so!
    Take care of yourself and that new little baby! Hugs!

  2. We went through that sleep disturbance thing, but Edie was 2 and a half and then three and a half when it happened. If it happened at one and a half, I have totally blocked it.

    I can only send you internet love on that and tell you we made it through. Good luck.

  3. You seem to be finding the good stuff lately! I always hate that sense-of-doom around places that I like. I swear you can smell it. Good luck with that whole sleep/three kids thing ... apparently it can be done because lots of people have three kids (or more!) but I wasn't one of them ... and it was SO long ago!

  4. It works out. trust me. Three isn't all that bad on most days. My middle was a horrible sleeper. We finally stuck him in bed with his brother at three as he often crawled in there anyway. Cutest picture of Sam ever. That childs fabric is gorgeous....smiles..Renee

  5. It's so tough going through different phases of childhood. And children can be SO different from each other! But somehow you get through it and before you can blink your eyes, Sam will be all grown up into a beautiful, smart, talented young woman and you will shake your head and say "where did the time go..."!!! Hugs!!!!!

  6. Sarah--When we moved to a new town and I needed a sitter for my toddler, I called one of the nicer resorts in the area and was given names and phone #s of licensed day care/hotel babysitters. Chose a grandmother and hired her for a week or so until I found the right full time day care/pre-school. The resort had already screened the sitters who were required to be CPR certified, drug tested and background checked. I'd try them out while you are still home, before the big event.
    Best Wishes.

  7. I'm having such a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that you're 9 months along already! Where did the time go??? That quilt is gorgeous, and so is that cabinet, and I'm wondering what color you will paint it, because I'm sure you're going to paint it!


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