Sunday, August 05, 2012

Flea Market Sundays

I found some furniture for my dollhouse on craigslist.
It's a bit of wreck right now, and is reportedly hand made by so and so's grandpa, but I am hoping that (some day) it will clean up and work in my house.
I think the piece on the left is a radio?
I also picked up a few ornaments this week.
A neat old Santa (missing his hat).
An Easter rooster (?).
And a fun Chinese umbrella.
I don't think it's particularly old, but it is so cute!
Of course my naked baby loves it.

I also made a pudding cake this week. I never let Jack lick the bowl because of raw eggs, but this one is egg free, so I let him at it. He had that cake batter from head to toe.
It rained yesterday morning. And it was only 75 degrees for a few hours (before it went back to 100). Jack has a list of things he would like to do before school starts (in 10 days!), so I am trying to get them all done. One of them was going to to zoo. We finally saw the new sting ray exhibit.
But what Jack really wanted to see was the new Sea Lion exhibit.
It was pretty cool. Sam was in awe of all the swimming big animals - the seals and sea lions, the penguins and the sharks.
Isn't he sweet? LOL
This week's agenda promises golf, bowling, and chuck e cheese.
Oh lucky me.


  1. Sweet furniture. I'm a sucker for things grandfathers make.

    The Easter Rooster is something.

    Jack is so LONG! Holy big boy!

  2. Love the furniture, the ornaments (hooray!), the umbrella particularly with small child, the child covered in cake batter and the idea of going to the zoo. (Some of the other things on your agenda, maybe not so much, but they're only young once...)


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