Monday, August 13, 2012

More of that lucky streak

More stuff, but first some other stuff.

*My blogger navigation bar is gone. Just poof! No longer any way to search the blog or more importantly, log in. WTH?

*I freshened up the blog - changed the header, updated the blog links, etc. I also freshened up my google reader, deleting more than 60 blogs that had not been updated in more than 6 months. Then I added some fresh stuff to my pinterest. Just in case you like to poke around that stuff. (Perhaps I rid myself of that nav bar on accident. Hmmm.)

*I want to throttle the children! They cannot even entertain themselves for 12 seconds right now. We have been having drama over playdoh for an hour. Playdoh! Seriously. GO OUTSIDE.

*I choked on a piece of toast this morning. Full on choking. (Complete with peeing my pants, oh yea! Keeping it real around here.) The kids so I could get to the sink to get water. Jack wanted to stand around discussing it for hours. JUST MOVE IT! I am pretty sure they are glued to me. Permanently.

*In more pleasant news, the extended weather forecast has a whole weekend with highs of only 78!

Okay, on to the stuff:
Another doll bed. What am I going to do with another doll bed?

I have no clue. But I do know it is the PERFECT vintage green.
This is the second one I have bought with no apparent way of keeping the dolls in the beds. What's missing? Only the two side edges line up, (exact same with the other one I have) and I cannot figure out how these were meant to be engineered originally.
A piece of McCoy pottery.
Some old stuffies I thought would be fun for Easter. I think the duck is stuffed with old nylons.
A pair of pine cone elves.
A pair of hong kong witches. (What are those toys that collapse when you push the bottom button called? That's what they are.)
And a BEAUTIFUL (and free) watercolor dated 1935.

I am seriously crushing on it.

We have had about 10 other catastrophes while I have been trying to post this darn thing, so off with me to finish the damn school supply list. :-)


  1. At least you have your junk to keep you sane! Great stuff - I have no idea on either the doll beds or those collapsible toys.

  2. I don't know what the collapsible toys are, but know exactly what you are talking about.
    Good luck with those glued on kids..


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