Sunday, August 12, 2012

The early bird gets the feedsacks

Early last week I spotted a yard sale ad that included vintage fabric.

Before all the stuff happened with my mother I had been DETERMINED to be first in line when they opened. But by Saturday morning I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to get out of bed at 6 am and drive 40 minutes for what could very well be a useless wild goose chase.

I got up and went anyway.

And this early bird grabbed all the feedsacks. Not a huge haul, but at least I didn't regret getting up!

Love, love this dotty one.
A flowery one.
A pink one.
A very sweet border print. (My photo doesn't really do this print justice.)
And a who knows what kind of print?

I also picked up a solid pink and a solid green.

The junk gods smiled on me that day when I scored these:

Four HUGE vintage glass canisters. This is the size that would have held flour and stuff in a Hoosier cabinet. No lids, but it turns out that the lids from the costco sized pretzels my kids devour fit just fine. I will spray paint them to disguise the plastic.
Hmmmm, how did she sneak in there?
Oh, right! She was showing you the size of the frame I also bought.

Huge and fun for photos of the kids methinks.

There is a ton more. Enough to warrant another post. Or two.

It's about time some junk started flowing.

*Jack and Dave got up at 1 30 am to go watch the meteors. Jack says he saw 20 of them! I am jealous, I have seen ZERO of them in my entire lifetime. The heat has also been gone for a few days. It's lovely to be able to stand being outside. And it's rained a few times! The grass is actually growing and back to green.


  1. Yay for getting up early and getting the good stuff! You got some lovely ones (not a single one that I recognize - how many million patterns must there be?)

  2. Glad he got to see them. We were cloudy but tonight looks better. Great junk again. Even cheeks is good junk! Smiles..Renee

  3. Love the pretty feed sacks! Did you see the ones my mother gifted me on my blog? I was so excited when I saw I got to pick some for my birthday from this crazy stash of them (one of her friends had found a bunch at an estate sale).


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